Bag came but no EGC

  1. I didn't want to lug the box/bag home so I had it shipped to my home. There was no EGC in the box. I called Saks and the rep says that it's mailed separately. This was a week ago. I called Saks again and my SA is on vacation until next Thursday.

    Does this sound right ... is it normally mailed separately? I wanted to use it towards another purchase this weekend.

    Thanks in advance.

  2. yeah they do mail it separtely
  3. Whew! Good to know. Now I just have to stalk my mailbox. I hope it doesn't take long.:yahoo:
  4. I called today and was told they are being mailed out tomorrow.
  5. they usually ship the gift card separately when you order stuff from, but i think the gift card usually comes with the merchandise when you order on the phone. did you check the pockets in the bag for the gift card? my gift card was in the inside zippered pocket of the bag.
  6. :smile:Same here. I did a charge send via Damian and he placed the EGC in one of the pockets. Hope you get your EGC soon.:smile:
  7. Update/Inquiry

    Sheanabelle did you receive yours? I still haven't and I checked all the pockets. No card. lol