bag buying basics

  1. I think I've only posted once in this forum, but I enjoy reading your posts, and now I may need your help!

    I have been happlily collecting Hermes scarves, and never really voyaging into the leather goods part of the boutique . . . but then, WHAM, I saw that gold/tan plume in the "Playtime with your Hermes Scarf" booklet (the soft cover one; the plume is hanging on the handlebar of a bicycle, with a yellow/gold-bordered Legende Kuna tied to it) and I was in love :love::love:

    Now I am dying to get a plume bag, and would like to know how to go about it. Most of the discussion here seems to be about Kellys and Birkins, but for the plume, should I expect there to be some in stock that I would be able to see? Or, would I likely need to decide what I would like, and have them call around to look for something close? Or would it have to be ordered? I have no idea how many bags are available, or how popular the plume might be, and I don't want to go in and make an idiot of myself!

    I have purchased items (scarves, shawls, scarf rings) from at least 4 different SAs in the SF boutique, so I don't really have a special relationship with any one SA--do they all deal with handbags as well, or only certain SAs? I suppose one day I will go in for a visit and ask about finding my dream bag, but I just wanted to get advice from the experts so I am well prepared when I go in!

    And one final question in this looooong post; does anyone know the correct name of the color, and maybe even of the leather, of the bag in the picture I am talking about? If necessary, maybe I can scan the picture and post it here, though I don't want to raise any copyright issues . . . (married to a lawyer, LOL)

    Thanks in advance :smile:
  2. HI!! That plume in the scarf book is a 32cm in Natural colored Chamonix. Our Shopmom was furiously looking for this bag and they are not being produced right now. I suggest a gold Plume in togo or Epsom, or another color in box leather or Chamonix for that smooth look.
    PLumes are much easier to find that other bags and I'd just go to one of the SAs you've been bought from before and explain your wants.
    I Believe stores will ship Plumes, so keep watching the "Inventory" thread and call a store if something pops up.
    I LOVE the Plume and it's casual elegance. It's also lightweight and easy to carry. I'd go down to SF and see whether the 28c, or 32cm suits you better. Keep us posted!!
  3. Hello and welcome! I know in the past others have also mentioned that particular bag - do a search in this section for "plume" - also, there has recently been discussion (today) about the plume elan, another style)...I have a plume and love the just want a color other than black! Post pics of some of your scarves sometime if you like - we always love to drool over other's purchases!
  4. Hi Tangle and welcome! Shopmom will be able to fill you in on the details of that bag because she was looking for the same one and it was impossible to find. :girlsigh:
    Any SA should be able to help you with the bags. As far as the Plume goes I think they should be able to call around and find one for you. At SF I know Jose and Jared have both offered to call other stores for me. They usually have one or two Plumes there.
    Are you going to the RTW sale tomorrow? Hope to see you there!

    :flowers: Heather
  5. NYC had a 28cm Plume in Natural chamonix with palladium hardware last week. You may want to see if it's still there in the morning.
  6. Just wanted to say Welcome!!! I am sure Shopmom will be by to answer your questions!!! Good luck with your search!:flowers:
  7. Thanks for your replies, and your welcome wishes! I didn't realize this was the same bag shopmom was looking for--good to know up front that I shouldn't get my hopes up to find this exact bag :smile:.

    Heather, I won't be at the RTW sale, I'm afraid--I will be working :sad: I hope you have a great time!
  8. Well, here I am and let me tell you TANGLE, you have good taste my friend!!!! :lol: That pic sent me to the ends of the Earth and back and I swear I wouldn't give up until I found it ...... and I DID!!!!! The only one on the entire planet and it was in JAPAN! The ONLY ONE! Needless to say, I didn't get it.....not to say I didn't TRY!!!! I just didn't know anyone who lived in OSAKA!

    It's really a beautiful bag though. I'd suggest that you put the one in the scarf book out of your mind (since it's next to impossible to find unless you make a pact with the Devil) and go to your nearest H boutique and try on the different sizes in the different leathers. There is bound to be one that calls to you that you will love just as much as that one in the scarf book.....:flowers:

    .....maybe....but then you could become obsessed like Shopmom and continually look for it wherever you go!!!!!!!:wtf:
  9. If you need a SA in SF, ask for Linda. She is super duper nice. She got my friend a Birkin and offered me my Kelly the first time I met her. Good luck and keep us posted.