Bag Brands that you think deserve a forum

  1. What are some bag brands that you think have enough of a following to warrant a forum on TPF? I think there should be an area not for designer bags, but for bag companies that are less expensive but also popular. Also, a forum for luggage as I am an avid traveler and had a really, REALLY hard time finding the right luggage to take with me. I think a luggage/travel bag area would be nice!
    Anyway here are my ideas:
    -Salvatore Ferragamo
    -Dooney and Bourke
    -Kipling (popular in Asia)
    -Celine (popular in HK)
    -Anya Hindmarch
  2. I think LAMB should have it's own forum
  3. I really can't think of any other designs... I feel the ones we have now are okay. Otherwise the list will become endless. JMHO.
  4. Hayden-Harnett. right now we're kind of like nomads, having to go back and forth between forums for HH posts :p I think there's a thread already, trying to get a HH forum
  5. I agree LAMB should get a forum. But doesn't Dooney & Bourke already have one? I could've sworn I posted in it when I got my Giraffe bag. :shrugs:
  6. Oh nevermind, I just saw the announcement that they closed it due to inactivity.
  7. Hayden-Harnett, definitely.
  8. Salvatore Ferragamo definitely needs a forum as well as Botkier!! WEll that is my 2 cents :yes:.
  9. Hayden Harnett -- too many different threads on the General Board.
  10. Tod's
  11. Tods
    Hayden Harnett
  12. HH, I see lots of post for HH in this forum, they need their own.
    For me, I'd like to see a Tods forum.
  13. I agree that LAMB should have its own forum, and I was sad to see the D&B forum close because I buy D&B. But I also agree that a forum should be dedicated to less espensive lines that are very popular, they don't need separate forums for each of them, but they need a forum to themselves I think.
  14. D&B had one. . . the thing is there HAS to be a lot of traffic/posts/threads to warrant it's own forum.

    D&B seemed to need it's own as did Burberry, YSL and Jimmy Choo, but none of them get much traffic at all after people begged and Vlad gave:shrugs:

    We watch the the threads carefully and add as needed:yes:

    I can say for sure, that none of the designers listed in the first post need their own Forum here, there's just not nearly enough threads about them.
  15. also, price of bags is completely irrelevent, look at Tokidoki.
    We don't just give expensive brands their own Forum.

    It's 100% about need, 0% about exclusivity or price.