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  1. #1 Jan 17, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 17, 2009
    I brought two purses for my work meetings this week, my Bbag Part Time in black with SGH and my Black Chanel Ultimate Soft in Large. Both bags filled their purposes with my wardrobe and quite honestly I couldn't tell you which one I love more but I can definitely tell you what my peers thought.

    I have to say, the group of gals at this event ranged on the fashionista meter all accross the board. So we had a spectrum of "I don't care how I look" to "look at me, am I cute or what?" KWIM?

    Hands down, accross the board the Chanel got the drool worthy response from ALL GROUPS. I never had so many woman approach me to compliment my bag, it was a little overwhelming really?

    Here's two interesting side notes. Nobody said, "I love your Chanel", what they did say was, "I love your purse" (big difference in my book). Second not ONE PEEP of kudos towards my Bbag (which really pissed me off) and I thought I rocked that thing? :crybaby:!

    So here's a big :tup: for the Chanel team!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Yay!!! Go Chanel!!!!
  3. I often found this with Balenciaga. I put it down to the fact that it is so cool and rocky that it gives us an air of nonchalence and a look of I do not care, which often makes people not want to compliment you for a look that they perceive is not so put together (I always felt great carrying mine)

    Whereas, I feel with Chanel, we always hold ourselves better and carry ourselves better! Hey, its what Coco would have demanded lol ;)
  4. and forgot to add, Congratulations on both your new bags - would love to see piccies!
  5. Hi friend^^ It's great to respond to you again. I do love my new bags (which were purchased in September and October) does that still count as being new??. I hope so because I'm on a serious purse ban and actually I'm back to my original haunt....antiques. It's all a vicious cycle.

    I do have pics on this forum and I'll try to find them. I even attempted two times to sell my Bbag only to pull her back because I couldn't part with her. So I got over my guilt of having two seperate silver and black bags. The reasons you stated above were actually the conclusions I came to in order to justify my investment.

    I feel special wearing both bags but my "tude" is radically different with each. Chanel=classy lady like elegance (although I think the Ultimate Soft has a tinge of bo-ho); the Bbag = tough girlie radness!!! I like that in both of them!!!!!!!!!
  6. I would love to see photos too! Congrats
  7. Go Chanel!!
  8. :sad: I am sorry - how rude of me -
    not to Congrats you on your new bags!!!:yahoo:CONGRATS!!!

    :lecture:Bad purrrfect!
  9. Here are some pics that were previously presented on this forum. The first of course is the Chanel (the winner!).

  10. ^^^^^^^ Both bags are stunning.
  11. Bbags IMO are not the kind of bags that would rock the boardroom! LOL! Such is the sad truth...
  12. The ultimate soft has that fabulous metallic piping and shiny silver hardware that I think calls attention to it.

    Congratulations on your new bags.
  13. both great! and different looks.

  14. Sad but true indeed and you know the old saying, "truth hurts"....

  15. Smooth your dead on. That shiney silver calls accross the room, you have it in the chain and you have it in the piping. These gals where oggling at this purse with their mouths open. In all ernst I've never received more compliments on a bag like I did with this one? Quite frankly I was surprised. I know I love it but I also love the Bbag?