bag bought from tpf member?

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  1. Saw this on eBay:

    supposed to have been purchased from a tpf member. please confirm!
  2. I can't confirm who it was purchased from, but it looks like an authentic blueberry mini bowling to me! Great color:smile:


  3. You would have to ask the seller the name of the ebayer and tPF member in order to verify...check the feedback etc.
  4. hi -- ebayer was kind enough to disclose that she bought the mini-bowling from citychris. Does anyone know her?
  5. Yes...citychris got the blueberry mini bowler from Diabro several months ago, right after I got one. She asked me about it and then ordered one for herself. She's definitely a member and she's definitely trustworthy!

    HTH!!! :p
  6. belladonna, please post any authenticity questions and corresponding eBay links in the Authenticate This Balenciaga thread ONLY.

    Please re-read the Balenciaga sub-forum rules.

    Thank you!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.