Bag bought as NWT - I think it was used!

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  1. I would really like some more opinions on this. I just bougt a bag on Ebay that was listed as new with tags. I had it authenticated on here so I'm not worried about authenticity however when it arrived on Saturday and I opened the bag there was a couple of things that made me think it had been gently used. Firstly inside the bag in the zipped compartment was a red Virgin Atlantic pen. The lining although clean just looks like it has been used with little bits in. There was also a few dark hairs ( I am blonde)! Now the outside of the bag is perfect so no problems there. This was a Miu Miu bag and came with a Prada Dustcover not sure if this is normal?
    I sent a message to the seller and she just said that she as flabbergasted and had no idea how the pen etc got there and she stated that it was bought at NM and was totally brand new not used.
    Now I am not sure what to do - I really like the bag and want to keep it but I am just a little annoyed because I bought it as new and I am sure that it has been used.
    What do you think - should I just let it go?
  2. It's possible she is telling the truth. I've certainly seen bags in stores where it was obvious the bag had been bought, slightly used, and returned. These bags are usually on the discount table. If your seller buys bags to resell on eBay, she may have gotten it this way. Did you get a good price? I would not mind myself since it sounds like the bag is not damaged in any way, but I know some ladies here are more sensitive about these things.
  3. maybe it was a return when she bought it ? maybe she's just fibbing ! perhaps you could ask for a partial refund , but if you're happy with it just put in the feedback that it has signs of use.
  4. Some sellers just plain LIES and try to put the blame on you the buyer. I had this happened to me on a LV Tango. She had great pics that looked like new condition and advestised as used only a hand full of times. When it arrived it was a piece of junk that had been used for a hand full of years and not times. I politely emailed her and she said she has no idea what I'm talking about and that it was exactly as described. At the end, I again politely emailed her to treat others as she would like to be treated and what goes around will come around. I disputed with paypal as SNAD and after 3 months with paypal freezing my account, etc. Paypal sided with the seller stating that a description is subjective to everyone.

    On the other hand, she may also be telling the truth because she may have bought it from the SALES table and it was a return or slightly imperfect.

    Write to the seller and see what she says. Good luck!
  5. I have bought a bag from TJ Maxx, and then found a Saks Fifth Avenue receipt in the zipper pocket from almost 2 years ago! So, it could be that she purchased it from a store, but the item was a return.
  6. Yes thats what I thought so I asked her if perhaps it could have been a return to NM and she said not. I paid $690 so not sure if you would consider it good or not. Good price for the UK I think.
  7. TBH I don't think she is fibbing she has over 3000 feedbacks 100% positive I am thinking that maybe it was a return but surely she should have checked the inside pockets ? I do really like it - I think it was the hairs more than anything that put me off !
  8. She may have missed it. Alot of times I go to Macys and see the sticker on the back of the price tag. And then I see a paper in the pocket indicating it was a return.

    Unless something is coming right out of the original packaging wrapper, you have no idea if something was used or not.
  9. What do you want? Do you want to return it or would you want a partial refund?

    I agree with another poster; I've looked at purses in the store that are not on sale that when you open them, look as though they may be returns. Who knows? Maybe someone loaded the contents of their purse into it in the store to see how much it would hold and left a few hairs and a pen behind along with the usual little pieces of lint that come along when you change purses.
  10. If you feel comfortable and really like and want to keep the bag, maybe tell the seller you think she should refund you something?? (like at least $50). You can always leave neutral or neg FB if it is that bad. But if it cleans up OK, I wouldn't worry about too much (lint roller, vacuum, fabreeze). Could be she didn't know it was used or maybe she did...depends on how much you want to keep it and if it is big hassle to return from UK.
  11. Very True :yes:
  12. Thanks for all your responses - I am going to keep it. I think that you are all right and it probably was a store return but I just think that as a seller myself I would have checked inside the bag before posting out.
  13. I've gotten a Jimmy Choo bag from Neiman Marcus that had an earring in the inside pocket.......
  14. Since the bag looks all new on the outside, I think the seller just wasn't even expecting to find anything inside. =) Enjoy your Miu Miu~~
  15. Heard LOTS of N-M horror stories about returns. Because they have a rather liberal return policy (90 or 60 days I think) people just use/wear stuff and then return it when they are finished and get something new..also this is "bait and switch" place too. (People buy a real bag and return a fake.)