Bag, Borrow, Steal....Some Chanel 60% off

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  1. Great deals! I've always had good luck buying bags from them. They have all looked great and hardly ever used. That's just my personal experience.
  2. Me too! I've gotten several bags that were never used -- one example was a Carlos Falchi crocodile tote that was $4,500 for 80% off. I got a gently used Chanel in and out flap that was 40% off and there was very little wear on it.

    I just ordered a Prada for 60% off! I've never had one that I've returned because it was too worn, just sometimes I decide I don't want the bag.
  3. I was concerned though about ordering a lighter shade leather. (camel) though I am considering it.
  4. If it is something you really love might want to get it and return it if you aren't happy. They are good about returns. From what I remember it is 14 days from date of purchase, and it must have the tag they put on it still on it (you'd still want to check)

  5. Hi -

    Have you purchased bags that have been labelled "gently loved"? I am on live chat with their CS and not getting any useful information/input about what I can expect the bag condition to be when it is labeled "gently loved". The CS person is really ambiguous and just says "signs of wear".

  6. ^^I've purchased gently loved Chanels before and with these particular bags, they've had hardly any wear. It was as if they were never carried. Maybe we got lucky but so far so good.
  7. I'm so happy for your lucky finds! The Chanel classics and portobello are selling out so fast!

    Yeah, I just decided to get the pink classic lambskin. Hopefully it will be in good condition, if not, I can return it.

    The LiveChat person was very evasive and ambiguous about the condition of the bag, which worried me. But, you never know...could get lucky like you did!
  8. Sorry, I just got back online!!! This info is a little late, but my experience has been very good. I have purchased 6 bags from them. Some of them have been for my sister for gifts. One I purchased said it was "never used" and it looked like it had never been used. Two of them were called "gently loved" and they look like they have never been touched. (One was a pink Chanel flap but it was missing the dustcover). The other three looked like they had been used slightly...but not really much. The brands I have purchasd are Chanel, Prada, Miu Miu, Be&D, and Carlos Falchi.

    I have seen people post on TPF that they have heard that there are people who have gotten bags that are more than gently used. That hasn't been my experience, but anything is possible. The key is the return policy. You can return for any reason within the timeframe with the paper ring still that they put on still attached.

    Oh, one other thing I did want to say is I "borrowed" a Chanel one time and noticed that the authenticity card didn't match the purse. It was an authentic bag for sure, somehow the cards got mixed up. That can happen anywhere the time I purchased a woc from NM and it came with 3 authenticity cards (one matched).
  9. ^Just curious, do their Chanel bags come in Chanel Boxes at all?
  10. Maybe ssc0619 can chime in as well but with all my bags, no boxes were included, just dust bags.
  11. No, my experience has been the same as alouette. No boxes. I also had the one Chanel that came without the dustcover.
  12. I see. Thank you both, alouette and ssc0619.
  13. do the bags come with the auth cards too?