Bag borrow or steal?


What do you think of Bag, Borrow or Steal?

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    No thanks, I'm saving my money for my OWN bag.

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  2. Yay, lots of illicit bag flings, with no serious commitment...sign me up!

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  3. What? I have no idea/ don't care.

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  1. Hi, everyone!! I been contemplating get a paid membership with bbors but am still some what hestitant because I am not entirely convinced it's for me. What do you all think? Has anyone ever had a membership with them? Wat do you think of it? Thanks.
  2. I think its a little on the expensive side in my opinion.
  3. its really $$$ if you stay with a bag more than a week. $ used there could have saved up and buy a brand new one :smile:
  4. ^^I agree, the membership is pricey and the popular Chanel models, are even more so. And all that $$ "borrowing" these bags could have gone to the purchase of one u can treasure forever. I kinda compare it to renting an apt or leasing a car, u pay someone else to use their property and at the end do not keep the product.

    but if u just like to change/try new handbags every week/month and move on, I say go for it!
  5. I think what ever works for you...

    I guess "I'm a owner" not a "borrower" type.
  6. Did anyone about the site, Bag Borrow or Steal? Bag Borrow or Steal™ I had a friend who interned at Glamour magazine and she referred me to this site. She told me that everything at that website was authentic. Does anyone else know anything about it?

    Also, while browsing the site, there's also an outlet link. A while ago, I read from their site, that you can actually purchase bags from their site. Has anyone done that?
  7. It is authentic, but personally, I think the membership prices are a bit steep. Atleast for the couture bags, which is what I want. $175/month sounds like a deal, and depending on the bag, it might be. If you want only to borrow Chanels and change it every month, that might be, assuming they have it readily in stock.

    I think a lot of their other brands are overinflated. Chloes and Gucci's go on sale quite frequently. Paying $175/month for a bag that you could buy at $500 seems ridiculous to me. Fendi's tend to run a bit more. If you could buy an authentic bag for a couple's months worth. I would recommend that route, because in case you do tire of it, at least you can sell it to fund your next purchase.

    That said, as far as the outlet, I don't know anything about the quality of bags you receive. I doubt that they are all in impeccable condition. I am very particular about the condition of my bags. That's why this site has tempted me but never succeeded in getting me as a customer. I guess I just prefer to buy the bag new or from a known source. ;)
  8. I'm a member of this site, but have never borrowed or bought a bag from them, (you have to become a member to access the outlet). Everytime I browse the outlet, I can never find anything I want. :sad:

    The concept of Bag Borrow or Steal is fantastic and I'm surprised I haven't tried it yet. For those who are unaware, this online store has an amazing selection of designer bags (at every price point) that you can borrow/rent for a weekly or monthly fee (plus shipping). If the bag you want is already borrowed to someone else, you can be added to a waitlist and the store will let you know when it becomes available. You can borrow more than one bag at a time and if you fall in love with a bag, you can steal/buy it at a discounted price.

    I have a coupon if anyone is interested.

    Bag Borrow or Steal™ and enter 609 in the promo code box for $25.00! :nuts:
  9. I agree - it depends on if you're ok not owning the bags themselves and how often you switch - I personally, prefer to own them
  10. ^^Me too, for me it's kinda like paying rent, money gets lost. I'd rather buy a bag. But hey, to each her own right? If it's for you, then go for it!
  11. its a ripoff
  12. I've read some stuff from people who've used their services that wasn't too good. Stuff like, people being charged even after they've sent the bags back. BBorS would claim not to have received the bags that were sent back. Here The Bag Blog: Globe article about Bag, Borrow or Steal
    You can open this link and read some stories, good, bad and ugly about people who've dealt with 'em.
  13. Has anyone here ever rented a Chanel bag and then "stole" it? I mean then purchased the bag through the site, not really stole it. That is all I'd be intrested doing with that site, but I don't think they give you the option to "steal" the Chanel's.
  14. I think they give you the option to buy anything you want. I wouldn't be surprised if some customers decided to keep their bags and were charged accordingly. I bet buying a bag through that site ends up costing a lot more too.
  15. I think this is becoming a trend but the membership is usually abit costly.