Bag Borrow or Steal

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  1. The problem is, what if you sign up and you're never able to get the handbag that you want since it's always out ? I think I'd rather just take the monthly fee and put it towards my own personal bag collection. :biggrin:
  2. What I don't like about that service is that they charge you shipping for each bag they send out - it's an extra $9.95 every time you want to switch bags. And if you go for the cheapest membership, the bags are all pretty much TJ Maxx quality - it's only worthwhile for the high-end membership which costs over $100.

    If they had a storefront where you could make the exchanges, I think the service would be more worthwhile. In my mind, shipping should be included in the hefty membership fee.
  3. I agree. When i first found this website about a month ago i got really exited unitl i started reading the charges and fees. The only bags that I would be interested in are the highest level ones and those cost 99.00 a month plus shipping. :huh: NOT worth it. Might as well save my money and buy my own
  4. In theory this sounds like a good idea, but I don't like thinking about carrying a bag that a lot of other people have carried. I agree that the shipping part sucks as well.