Bag Borrow or Steal????

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  1. I posted the authenticity question on the other board, but for here I was just wondering if anyone had used their service and if they like them? Are they worth the $$? Best I can tell, unless your a "Diva" member, you could pretty much the buy the bag from the store for the same $$ you would pay a couple of months rent. And "Divas" could too, after about a year. I noticed for the "Couture" bags, you're charged $100 a month + an additional $150. So I was just wondering about anyone's experiences, good or bad?
  2. I think people have posted before that it doesn't seem to be a good deal for the reason you stated -- that is, that you can buy the bag yourself for the same money.
  3. This topic has been covered in great detail.
  4. Oh sorry, I didn't know. I'm new.
  5. I think it is much more helpful to direct new people to the thread discussing the topic or show them how to use the search aspect of the forum rather than just providing a dismissive comment.

    Jennifer, if you go into the right hand corner of the forum where it says "Search Forum" I would try typing in key words such as "renting bag" or "Borrowing handbag". Hope this helped!
  6. Thank you for being so helpful lordguinny....your better than me!
  7. I mean you're and I PM'd you.
  8. Thanks so much, guys! I'm still learning my way around this site!:yes:
  9. closed as this is a duplicate thread.
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