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    I found this while aimlessly browsing today. Anyone ever tried anything like this? I think I might give it a try. As much as I love to shop, I still end up with those little twinges of guilt for the lonesome, last season bags in my closet. This might be a good way to avoid that.
  2. GREAT concept - bad company!!! They were sued by Gucci for carrying fakes, plus they make you pay a monthly membership - even if the bag you want is out of stock (which most are).

    There is actually another site called and you can get a free trial and there is no monthly fee. The selection is good, and you can rent when you want for how long you want. If you want something for just a week (like a wedding) you can, or you can keep it for several months. You can also set up a buyout plan if you really really fall in love with something.

    Check out both sites with the BBB - BBOS is not in good standing - FBTR is.
  3. Well then, just when I think there may be hope for humanity. Are there no "good guys" left? Why must nearly everyone be slimy when it comes to handbags?

    AAArrrrrgggggg, that just irks me to no end:hrmm:

    Well before all my remaining faith in business disappears, I'm going to go check out your link, which by the way I thank you very much for.
  4. eh, they're both 'good' ideas in theory, but i would never do it. in the end, it's a lot of money to spend without having ANYTHING to show for it. sure you get to carry a different bag every so often, but i would rather use my money for one bag i will love and carry for years. my bags are my babies...
  5. No problem! Let me know what you think! I would hate to think I steered you wrong!
  6. I've seen it featured in a magazine once.. But it adds up to about $1200 a year.... just get a bag to own!
  7. I agree...the prices seemed really expensive just to rent a bag. It's too bad because it is a great concept. I was looking at the BBOS website once and it seemed like if you wanted to rent any high end bags (which obviously is the only kind most people would want to rent; the lower end ones are affordable) you paid a really high monthly fee plus an additional high fee once you had the bag. It added up to a lot of $; for that price I'd rather just buy a nice bag.
  8. You can definitely pay for a high-end bag with the cost of a year's membership. Personally, I'd rather save up and buy one special bag that belongs only to me.
  9. Funny, I came across that site today too. Looks "scammish" to me. I also dont get why you'd rent a bag for a week. What if the bag is fake?
    Thats worse then buying a fake for $200.

    Renting one for $200!! hahahaha
  10. Didn't we have a thread about this awhile back? And didn't we find out it was planted by someone who worked for that site?
  11. ^^ Yeah we did! The girl denied the whole thing though. She defended bag, borrow, or steal and said that it worked out better for her bc she worked for some big company and constantly needed different expensive bags or something like that.
  12. Yep, we've had this discussion before. Aside from Bag,Borrow, Steal not having a good rep...the general consensus here was it makes no financial sense to "rent" bags. Much better to save for a little bit and buy a bag you can call your own.
  13. I don't think its worth $1200 a year to rent bags which you know you can't keep in the end unless you pay more for it.
  14. For $1200 a year, I can buy a couple or more great bags and have them forever.
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