Bag Borrow or Steal Update

  1. Some of you may have seen my Gucci Authentication post that I joined BBS and rented a Gucci bag and the authenticity came into question...The entire bag looked authentic except for the serial code tag. I even checked the BBS Pelham bag against my friends Pelham bag.. She bought hers at Sak's a few months ago. Everything matched up and looked authentic except the fonts of the serial #'s on the tag. The font didn't look right compared to hers.

    Well I was in Sak's today and looked at the Pelham bag in Black and Dark brown and saw the serial tags and they had the same IRREGULARITY to the fonts as the BBS bag did! I was shocked and then I felt bad. Oh well, you can't be 100% sure if somethings is authentic unless you bought it yourself at the store. Maybe BBS did fix their Gucci issues? Who knows? I still wish Gucci was more consistent with their details.. It really makes it hard to authenticate Gucci bags. Or maybe they do that on purpose so people just buy directly from them!

    Thanks for letting me share...
  2. That's great! Glad to hear things turned out well and it is indeed authentic
  3. Wow, thats good news, thanks for letting us know.
  4. That's great!
  5. In addition, I got a phone call from BBS last night.. They credited my account back for the week I had it out on Rental that I didn't use it because I was doubting it's authenticity. THey didn't have to do that but I thought that was so nice of them!
  6. can I ask how much was the total for renting the bag??? and how long did you get to rent it for?
  7. I figured it out to be 86.90 inlcuding my monthly membership fee, insurance, and 2 way shipping. I had it for a week and they give a 6 day grace period for shipping... I rented from the most expensive line though.. That bag is normally $1390. If it's for the month, I figured it to be $214.90