Bag Borrow or Steal & Speedy

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  1. So, ummmm the description of the Speedy 30 on the Bag Borrow or Steal website includes this gem: "rolled leather handles are easy on the shoulders". Pause for a mental picture, please.

    If you regularly carry your Speedy 30 ON YOUR SHOULDER, I would very much like to see photos.

  2. Haha --- would love to see pics of that one, too!
  3. Unless you was nicole richie (pre-pregnant) I don't think it is possible to carry it on your shoulder.
  4. LOL! Great mental image of me struggling to get a speedy on my shoulder...
  5. if you are tiny it can happen. Othewise its a handbag.
  6. I think there's a picture of Brandy in the celeb post wearing a white MC speedy on her shoulder.. but yeah, that's not really happening for us normal sized people !
  7. even if you could get it on your would look very awkward
  8. The shape of the speedy is totally not good for a shoulder bag. :push:
  9. Lol, I wonder if they'll catch that one!
  10. I saw a woman with a manhattan pm WEDGED under her shoulder and i burst out laughing.
  11. hehe...true
  12. the other day my hands were so full i had bags, my baby in my arms and was trying to talk on the phone while pushing the stroller and for a second i didnt know where to put my MC speedy so i tried squishing it up onto my shoulder (and im tiny) and i dont know how but the handles mustve pinched my shoulders and left little blood bubble type marks under my skin. =(
  13. OW! Hopefully that heals soon. We should make a forum, THE DANGERS OF LOUIS VUITTON! We could also include a picture of somebody who can't afford their rent, but can afford a new mirage griet haha
  14. ^ Sorry to hear that, sounds painful. Makes me wonder who is writing these descriptions. Shouldn't they at least look at the bags?
  15. what are you guys talking about, i always carry mine on my shoulder.... lol.