Bag, Borrow or Steal Sale

  1. Thanks for the post!
  2. I think you can get the bags they are selling for less money and brand new if you shop the sales.
  3. I agree...and I wouldn't buy anything from them except perhaps the ones marked "Never carried". The photos don't reflect the current condition of the bags.
  4. Exactly! I went and took a peek after receiving their e-mail just to check it out and for the bags that were carried they should definitely upload photos so customers can see what the actual bag they will be buying looks like.
  5. All of the high end (pucci, fendi, gucci, & prada) bags that I found in the outlet were new & never been used, but a picture of the used bags would be nice. And, although 20% off retail price isn't much, it's great when you find a bag you've been on an unsuccessful hunt for at retail stores.