Bag Borrow Or Steal - Outlet Sale/ Up To 70% Off

  1. There were tons of bags on sale...even a Botkier for under $200!

    I got a Bronze Chanel! Whoo Hoo! They do have some nice bags on sale!!!

    Search in the outlet section by designer...there are 22 pages of items.
  2. Are there any codes? Free shipping?
  3. No codes needed... shipping is $4.95!
  4. Great deal on the bronze reissue! Congrats! Just wondering - what is the condition like of the bags in the outlet section? Also, are the outlet purchases a final sale? Thanks and congrats again!
  5. I haven't purchased from them in the past. Some of the outlet items are used, some are unused. They did say there is a 30-day return for any items sold, so that sounds better than eBay to me any day!!!

  6. There were some really cute bags!
  7. I snagged a zucca spy... one of the ones with no leather panels (just zucca) and the tortuga handles. That's a really hard to find bag and I have been looking for it for a long time. Thanks so much for this alert!

  8. Good for you! Finding a bag you want, at a discount, is such a great feeling!
  9. Has anyone ever purchased a used Chloe bag from them? They have a blue paddington satchel for $1150 and I'm wondering if one could find a new one for about the same price somewhere else.
  10. Gonna check it out!!
  11. it it 25% off the sale price listed?
    Or is the sale price what it is?
  12. I think you could definitely get it new for around the same price. I wouldn't pay over $500 for a used Chloe.

  13. Unless I'm mistaken, I believe the sale price is what it is.

  14. Thanks rachieface! I appreciate your telling me this.