Bag Borrow or Steal Outlet Sale 30-70% off

  1. Hey guys! Check out bag borrow or steal's outlet sale. They have over 600 never used and some very gently used hangbags from 30 to over 70 percent off. I got a Jimmy Choo for $435 marked down from retail $1500.

    They have a lot of bags, prada, Gucci, chloe, kooba, etc etc etc.

    You just have to keep digging to find the best deal!

  2. did you get good deals??? were you happy with them are they authentic and can you return if you don't like it??? thanks for info
  3. Don't you have to pay an annual fee to belong to that site? Or can nonmembers purchase?
  4. After someone posted pictures on the horrible ugly used and redyed bag they bought from this site I doubt I would take the pictures they post as the bag you will receive. The picture posted looked great and the bag she received was like a old abused bag one would throw in the trash. It sure makes you think buyer beware.
  5. I am not really seeing a sale. Am I missing something? I went to the site, but the bags in the outlet section are not any less than usual. Is there a sale section that I can't find? Please let me know.
  6. The original post was last month.
  7. I actually didn't buy anything from them. the bag i wanted on sale was a jimmy choo bag, and since they were having so many glitches on the site during this sale, i never bought it. BBOS is like the #1 "borrowing" company, and all their bags are authentic. I've never purchased from them, so i don't know abt their return policy.

    I think there is a member price, but there is a "guest" option as well. It says on the home page that the you can rent bags and buy as a guest....which is free... i've been a member for over a year, and never paid anything.

    its actually called the outlet section. BBOS is a bag renting site, and the bags that are older models etc, go for sale in the "outlets" section. You do have to register with their site to view the items, but its free. Also, their bags vary from being new and "gently" used. Sometimes i've seen good deals on the newer bags.

  8. oohh.. good to know. thanks
  9. I check that every week!!