Bag Borrow or Steal - new items in outlet

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  1. I know that Bag borrow or steal puts new items in their outlet every Wed. Anybody know a time? I've been hitting refresh WAY too often! LOL
  2. do you know what type they usually do it?
    how often do they have new chanel? im going insane wanting a new chanel...
    also have you ever bought the gently carried? you think they are practically new or look brand new?
    so every wednesday and no other days?
  3. Sorry I can't answer some of your questions as I have never bought from them. Just always browsed, and get their emails. The email I got said they update the outlet every Wed. But when I called they said that some weeks they don't have any to put on there! :sad:
  4. I saw a black Chanel Wallet on Chain that I don't remember being there before!
  5. I don't know when they update the outlet section, but I have purchased a bag from them before (BCBG). The bag wasn't labeled as gently used or never carried, but it looked like a completely new bag to me when I received it. I would definitely get something from them again.