Bag Borrow Or Steal ~ It's Friday & There Are New Outlet Markdowns!

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  1. Tell me about it! My credit cards are screaming at me. I just picked up a Kooba Stella, a Treesje Hayden, and an Isabella Fiore Tula. They look beautiful; I just hope that B,B & S mean the same thing that I do by "gently used".!
  2. Well, the bag I just received from them said "gently used" in the description, and it looks like brand new. Can't tell it was used at all.

    I just ordered another from them yesterday, and I figure if I'm not happy, I can return it.
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    what is their return policy? i can't find it on their site.
  4. thanks for posting
  5. does anyone know exactly what time bagborroworsteal updates its merchandise? is it 12am edt or 8am edt or something to that effect? i always seem to miss the new stuff!

    oh and also, does the merchandise disappear from the website if its not in stock? there's a tempting ysl wallet in the "never carried" section, but everytime i click on it to buy, it says "this item is not currently available"!


    ps - anyone else think it's annoying that they only post one picture of the item? i'd like to see the inside of the purse/wallet please!! :supacool:

  6. Me Too!!! To me, gently used should mean that it is pristine condition. I ordered a Be&D Twiggy Petit Valise Handbag that was gently used. According to moogle, the gently used bags that she ordered looked brand new!!:tup::tup: speedy is their shipping! We're going on vacation at the end of next week and I'm so hoping that my order arrives before we leave.
  7. Less than a week for me to get my last order.

    I ordered another one August 7, and got my shipping notice the same day. From the
    tracking, I should be getting it Monday. Not too bad in my opinion.
    I'm in Indianapolis, they are in Seattle.

    My first order, a Gustto Gina, was in perfect condition. No scratches, no discolorations, no problems at all.
  8. I hope my experience matches yours moogle! Hopefully, it will be in great condition and arrive by Friday before we leave for Canada! The color wasn't exactly one that I would have preferred, but for $200 shipped, I'll take it! :yes: :yes:
  9. Wow, I didn't know they sold the bags too!
  10. Will let you know the condition of the 2nd one I ordered when I get home from

    When is yours due to get there?
  11. I had a different experience with their outlet. I ordered a "gently used" bag from their outlet and it was trashed. The leather pipping was ripped in several areas, the front of the bag had white scuffs all over it (and it was a navy bag). I was appalled. They refunded me quickly but I will never order from them after seeing the crap they send out.
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    I've no idea ..they've yet to send me an order confirmation. :shrugs: Correction...I just found an email confirming the order, but it has yet to be processed. Why am I not able to see this purchase when I log into my account on their website?
  13. Oh no!! So sorry lionlaw...there's absolutely no excuse for that! How long do they give you to return the item? I ask because we'll be in Canada until the last week of August, so obviously I won't be able to return the bag until afterwards. I'm hoping, of course, that won't be necessary!
  14. I can't see my orders when I log in either.......I have no idea why.

    I received confirmations on both orders the same day I ordered though.
    It was a simple "thanks for your accessory order", no order number or anything.

    Next email I received was "your accessory order has shipped" with a tracking number,
    but still no order number.