Bag, borrow or steal have 2 cute chanel's on sale

  1. I was sent an email from bag, borrow or steal that they have 2 cute chanel's on sale. I'm not sure if they were used.
  2. They've had further markdowns! :nuts:
  3. The Brown Modern chain flap is on there, if anyone is interested. It's $1150
  4. Has anyone ever purchased from BBS's outlet? What was your experience regarding the quality of a 'gently worn' bag?
  5. Do you know if that bag was ever on sale? and what's the retail price for it now?
  6. I don't think MC bags ever went on sale. I bought mine for $1695 in Sept '07...don't know what the markup was (or if there was one on MC bags)
  7. Awww...I wanted the brown MC flap, but it's gone now I guess!
  8. ^ It's still available!
  9. I like the luxe metallic flap the most!


  10. ME TOO!!!! Can someone please get that bag so i don't have to drool over it:crybaby:
  11. It's not showing up on my comp! This is so weird! I have been watching their stuff for a while waiting for my dream bags and for further discounts and now I can't see what they added! I only see 4 bags-no MC.
  12. that's weird....i see it!
  13. since I have the brown/grey MC flap, I'll agree with you there :p
  14. i hope i have the funds to buy the luxe metallic bronze's gorgeous!
  15. I can't access anything on the site...what's going on?! Grrrrrr!