Bag Borrow or Steal has TONS of new Kooba's

  1. In the outlet. I just wish they had coupon codes! :girlsigh:
  2. yeah....i noticed that too! they have a lot of older styles that are TDF! I was always weary of bagborroworsteal bc so many ppl were not happy with the bag they got, but i ended up having no problem! I recently ordered a bulga butterfly from the outlet for $175 and it was in GREAT condition- barely used and no stains or marks...they were also really nice to deal with...these koobas are really calling my name!!
  3. Hi,
    I checked out Bag Borrow or Steal based on the comments. What is the story on this place? Do they originally buy the bags new from the manufacturer? I saw the Kooba Paige, Dylan and Sofia and could feel my wallet emptying. Do they only have what you see online? I am tempted to buy a few bags. Do most people borrowing the bags treat them well? Looking for some feedback ladies.
  4. I've never dealt with BB&S in person, but I've read on here that they have a 30 day return policy, so I think you're covered if you aren't happy with what you get.

    I see they have a lot of bags that were never carried, so those should be in grand condition! If I hadn't way overspent in Dec., I'd be grabbing a couple of their bags for sure! :girlsigh:
  5. I too, just heard about this place via tPF... in order to purchase the bags that they are selling do I have to pay a membership fee?? Is this place for real?? To be trusted, authentic in all their products?
  6. Just putting my two cents in since I just bought from them. You don't have to have a paying membership for their outlet mall. You just have to sign up for a free account to view/purchase from them.

    I just bought two Chanel bags at great prices! They are both authentic, arrived here in one day. Have all the booklets and auth cards.

    Their customer service is GREAT! I would not hesitate from purchasing from them again! Just my humble honest opinion. Good luck to anyone who is thinking of purchasing! It'll be a great experience. =)
  7. I too have bought from them, two older style's and they arrived in beautiful condition. With not one sign of wear. But I have heard of some folks getting fairly beat up bags but that return policy sets that straight :smile: highly recommended.

  8. Thanks to oahctrec and posk51 for the insight. I appreciate it. Will have to take a look over there and check out the goods.
  9. Like which ones? :graucho:
  10. Jessie, Parker, Hilarie...perhaps....maybe.....sigh........looong sigh....Oh what the hell, I'll just go ahead and order all three! It's only money right??! :graucho:

  11. I've purchased from BBOS outlet too. Have gotten several Bacas, several Treesje, several Bulgas butterfly bags and a couple Koobas. All except two were in like new condition. One of the Bulgas had the tassels coming apart and a chestnut Carla was all scratched up. I returned them and promptly got a refund, including return shipping costs. So, I've been quite satisfied. Bags were definitely all authentic. It's my understanding that a lot of celebrity stylists rents bags for their celebrity clients as they don't carry anything too long. Not that it's a money thing as they have plenty of that.