Bag Borrow or Steal grabs $8.25 million in VC


    The site may not have many fans here, but apparently there is people who believe in this business model. Like the ones who provided over 8 mil in venture capital to BBoS. Props!
  2. Wow! That is impressive! Wish I had thought of it first!
  3. What do we get???

  4. Holy cannoli - :weird:

    Well, good for them. I wonder how many clients they have?

    You can buy a lot of watches and jewelry for 8.5 million; although, I suspect that there will be bonuses and salary increases for all "key" personnel.
  5. Wow - that's very impressive! Wish I had thought of this first too!
  6. Cool .........make that money ladies
  7. I've thought about making doing a similar idea, with my knowledge of bags, and my husbands knowledge of computers and website making, by offering only high end, bags and a larger variety.
  8. Wow!
  9. WHOA!! That's pretty impressive! Everytime I see these new business models hit off I always wonder why didn't I think of that? Just like that one million dollar website! Crazy idea, but it works!
  10. My friend thought of this before it came out. I just didn't want to put my bags out there for anyone to use so it was shot down. LOL. How ironic but no regrets.