Bag, Borrow or Steal: Coach (Check this out!)

  1. I'm sure you guys must have seen this-- but their Coach collection is incredible.. and $20 a week for some pieces! But what do you guys think about this service? I'm torn. On one hand it sounds so smart! But on the other, I'd worry about the condition of the bag and it not being mine etc etc... what do y'all think?
  2. I have actually wondered about this service too. Somebody on tPF has done it before (can't remember who)... hopefully she can spill all about it...

  3. I've done it before. It's great if you do it every now and then (I did it for an out of town wedding), otherwise, it will add up quick and you could have just bought a new bag. Plus, if you don't buy the additional insurance you will worry to death about messing up the bag and having to buy it. I'm not a huge fan, but every once in a while it's fine.
  4. i think its silly...a lot of those bags on the link u posted are at the outlets or can be found in Macy's marked I personally don't see the point.
  5. There are many threads about this on tPF.

    I personally think it's a rip off, but that's because I like to own handbags, not rent them.
  6. I've done it before. The customer service is excellent and the bags they send you are in tip top shape. I did it for a month before I realized I just couldn't part with the bags I was borrowing. I figured I'll just start saving up to buy them instead of having to borrow them and then send them back. It's good for a once in a while thing if you want a nice bag for a special occasion.
  7. I don't see the point. If you have money to RENT a purse, just save up for a while and BUY your own. I don't understand it. Maybe I am wrong, but I think it seems kind of silly. Why would someone do it - to "impress" people with their bag...that isn't really THEIRS?!?! hmmm!?!?:confused1:
  8. :shrugs: I dunno... I prefer just to own for this sort of thing.

    However, they do have a lovely outlet section... Prices are extraordinary, but better then retail for sure....
  9. I agree with that, too...I don't see how you could bear to send back a bag that you'd become attached to...especially if that bag isn't available anymore! Yikes!
  10. i have heard horror stories of people returning horribly damaged bags that never get cleaned before sending it to someone new, people receiving dirty and gross bags...just dont do it, IMO
  11. Am I remembering correctly a little scandal a way back about fakes?! :cursing:

    but! In theory, I think this is a good idea for a weekend away or something like others mentioned.
  12. I BOUGHT a bag from their "outlet" section once but I've never rented, I honestly think I could NEVER part with something once I used it and decided I liked it. I'd rather just buy it.
  13. how was the condition of the bag u bought from the outlet? I always wondered.....
  14. I'm wondering this too. I borrowed two bags from them and they were in great condition, but I'm curious about the outlet bags.
  15. I love my handbags. If I borrowed one I definitely would hate to send it back. I'll just buy mine.