Bag, Borrow or Steal - anyone borrowed?

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  1. Has anyone tried Bag, Borrow or Steal? I love the idea because I like to change my bags a lot.
  2. if you do a search for bag Borrow or Steal there are other threads touching on the subject. me personally, i would never do it because i prefer to purchase bags that are an extension of my personality, and i end up falling in love with them, there for having to keep them :yes:
  3. I wouldn't do it either......all those hidden costs, too.
  4. Can't even IMAGINE renting a purse. You don't know who had it before you...and then, what if you spill something on it? Besides, if you do have a handbag "problem" (as we all do), you will end up buying MORE handbags -- plus, they will be more expensive, since, you'll rent the bag for awhile, and then you'll buy a new one. No thank you.
  5. I have zero interest in spending over a $130.00/month to merely borrow a used bag. I would much rather save up the money to purchase exactly what I want. I can always sell it when I tire of the design.

    When I carry a bag I want it to be MINE, no smoking odors, no pen marks from a past sloppy carrier. etc. A pre-loved bag is fine but a bag that leads the life of a ho, no thanks.
  6. if u're a king of girl who just like to change bags without any attachment invlives, i said it's a good idea.

    i remember my friend said that she wished she use this kind of service before buying some of her bags like teh fendi spy or paddy.
    because after she bought it and used it a couple of times, she just realized that the weight and the handles just don't feel right to her.

    for me, i don't change bags a lot, i tend to WANT something i like. so, not for me :p
  7. I was think about joining too awhile ago but it's really pricey especially for the high end bags. I'd rather save my money and buy the bag.
  8. I looked in to it, and I'd also say that it's a better idea to just save your money to buy the bag. If you have a hundred bucks to use on a purse, might as well save it so that in a few months you can buy something you really like.
  9. I wouldn't borrow a bag. I become really attached to my bags. I recently sold a few on eBay to get money for a really expensive bag that I want. I felt like I was saying goodbye to an old friend when I was boxing them up to send them to the buyer.
  10. I joined b/c I like looking at the "outlet" for good prices on bags and jewelry. Never borrowed and don't plan on starting.
  11. Hi!

    Please do a search, this has been asked a lot before:yes:
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