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  1. Hey y'all my name is Brandi and I am a new poster here. I have lurked for sometime now.

    I am wondering if any of you have any experience with Bag Borrow and Steal?

    Let me preface by saying that I am a backpack girl and rarely carry a purse. I have fallen in love with Koobas just by browsing the Kooba website, eBay, and ofcourse here. I am really interested in the Devin or Elisha but where I live noone carries Koobas at all. So I saw the rental website where I can try them out for a month or so just to see how they look in person and feel. I just hate to spend potential buying money on renting one but if it is worth it I will.

    My main concern if communication, and the quality of previously rented bags. Sorry if this has been covered already I did search for a while last night but only found a little info.

    Thanks in advance,
  2. Hi Brandi....that site seems expensive to me. Even when they sell off their bags, I have heard people say that they are not in the best shape. I think if you put your rent money towards actually buying one you could do better. You can get some great deals on eBay if you research and everyone here is always willing to help authenticate. If you get one at a good price, you could always resell it and get your money back if you don't like them. (believe me this will not be the case, once you touch that Kooba...LOL) Hope this helps.
  3. there's actually a lot of topics about Bag Borrow and Steal already.
    I'll link one and close this.
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