Bag, Borrow and Steal Discounts

  1. For those of you that don't mind a gently used handbag by MJ, Coach etc. the website for Bag Borrow or Steal™ has bags available. Many of them at 40% or more off the list price. It started today.;)
  2. every time someone posts something to direct my attn their

    i am disapointed by what they have and the prices

    ie you can do better on some of the items...if you jsut happen to catch them in a high end department stores sales table then from this 'establishment'
  3. I agree. It almost like buying an "expensive" fake - why do that when you can buy the real thing at a good discount if you just wait patiently and then hit the department stores?
  4. Sorry ladies-just thought there may be some out there who could not afford to spend that much to get a new MJ. Just trying to help someone out! OUCH!:confused1:
  5. they have been known to have fakes too... so i wouldnt recommend trying them..

    and even if u get this MJ u have to give it back..
  6. I appreciate the spirit in which this was posted..though I did not find any deals, you never know who could! Good looking out!!!