bag base/shaper for BN1786?

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  1. Hi guys!

    I was wondering if any of you have gotten base shapers for BN1786 or any of the saffiano lux totes? If so, where?

    I'll be getting the BN1786 and am thinking about getting a bag base. I haven't seen any online for this specific bag but I have seen sellers taking custom orders. I just don't have the measurements yet..

    Can anyone help me locate a BN1786 shaper?

    Thanks in advance!
  2. Bump! I'm thinking about getting one for my BN2274 too. It's a smaller size and with double zip so it doesn't slouch that much but I'd still like to get one so the bottom doesn't stretch over time.

    Thanks in advance if you know anything! =)
  3. princesscutshandbags on ebay makes base shapers for prada...but I think the shaper they are selling is for the big Prada tote. I had purchased it for the BN1844 and it was too big, so it would definitely be too big for your bag. However they are asking for more information on Prada totes, so i am sure they will be more then happy to hear from you and get the measurements for your bag and custom make one.
  4. "mother_in_need" or something on ebay is taking custom orders for any bag. I just don't know how to measure the base properly to get a good fit..
  5. My DIY solution has worked perfectly for me, and I am not even handy! Turn the bag upside down and measure the base. Cut a piece just a bit smaller from any sturdy box (or packaging.) Use a spare designer shoe dust bag as cover. (I like this season's Prada shoe dust bags in satin nude pink.) I made one for my BN1786 and LV Neverfull MM. Perfect for eliminating the sag! (This does not provide the extra pockets some base shapers have, but I did not need them.)