Bag Bans don't Work!

  1. I'm never going on a bag ban again - they just don't work. Anyhoo, introducing Miss Grey Day, Miss Magenta Shoulder and Winston the Kitty.

    The Grey is just gorgeous and a fabulous neutral bag - I'll be getting loads of use out of this. The Magenta is an insane colour - a glowing pinky/purple colour. She's a great size too. Small enough to use everyday as a makeup bag and large enough as a clutch.

    Finally, here's Winston - I think he wants to borrow Magenta for a night on the town.
    Day.jpg Shoulder.jpg Shoulderflash.jpg Grouphug.jpg Winston.jpg
  2. agree with you about bag bans. they never work for me either. not that i'm trying hard enough either, lol

    hehe, your cat is so fluffy! he matches your grey day.
  3. HAHAHA, I love it! :roflmfao: It's so true, every time I have banned myself, it makes me go out and buy three times the stuff! We need to tell ourselves we have carte blanche to buy whatever we want...maybe that will make us not want anything?

    Anyway, your bags are gorgeous! The grey is my personal favorite. Enjoy!
  4. cute cat with the magenta :P
  5. I love the magenta shoulder purse, very cute and great for light days.

    You are SOOOO right about purse ban never working. Every time I say I am on a purse ban, I end up buying twice as much *sigh*
  6. Great bags!! and you cat seems overjoyed in that pic! lol!! he's totally like "wth mom?!"
  7. lol Cal... I love that picture of Winston!
  8. Cal...I think you went from a bag ban to a bag binge!!!!! :roflmfao: BUT I LOVE IT!! Congrats! :upsidedown:
  9. Love the grey day...i love how it has blue-ish undertones to it.

    Winston is looking mighty fashionable.:P
  10. oooh i love the gray!
  11. Poor Winston - this is the second time his "manhood" has been taken away (first time was when he had his pockets picked).

    I love them both (and am hiding them both from PHH!). Thanks for all your kind words.
  12. Yeah...bag bans don't work. I decided I wasn't buying another bag until far I've bought 3 B-bags in the last 3 months. :angel:
  13. Loooove your new bags, cal!!! :yahoo: Winston is sooo cute with that Magenta Shoulder!:heart:
  14. Tell me about bag bans; I'm so good at breaking them. Congrats I just love your new bags. The magenta is just georgous. Enjoy it while it last (wait until DH finds out lol just kidding)
  15. BTW...Cal your bags are lovely!!!! :heart: