Bag Ban Cold Turkey Hell...

  1. :sad:OMG,I'm having BIG trouble sticking to this damn bag ban. Still no word from Irene @ Sacoche about the new stock and it's driving me nuts :cursing:to have all that money tied up, without having a clue when I can use it and subsequently have this whole Sacoche debacle over with. At least if I knew what they were expecting to get in with the Spring 2008 consignment, I could fixate on what I'm going to chose for a while :drool:. I'm also very worried about the recent reports about Sacoche bags getting stuck in customs and Susie's prediction that they may alter their customs valuation policy.

    To add to this, I'm having severe bag envy :push:everytime I see somebody else's new Heloise or Elvire posted here. This is very strange, as I had no yen for either style at all until now. Perhaps it's just withdrawal symptoms, BUT there are some great bargains to be had out there at the moment and even with the eBay wallet purchase, this cold turkey period is NOT going well. Thankfully I'm starting rehearsals for DH's new show on Jan 21st, so my mind will be gainfully occupied elsewhere from then on (well only until the end of Feb to be exact)...but what to do until then ladies :sweatdrop: ??? Perhaps I need to get hold of some of that stuff they put in prisoner's tea to stop them having impure thoughts :angel:?

    Is there anybody else out there on a post -Christmas bag ban who is finding themselves floundering:s ? If so, let me know and maybe we could exhange some moral support:yes: !
  2. I so wish I had the strength. I was on a bag ban till I saw that NAP had reduced the shiny brown elvire to £235 today!!! I know I said I wasn't loving my elephant elvire before. But I have taken it out of my wardrobe a few more times and modelled it in front of the mirror and I now actually love it! The leather on the elvire is tdf. I think its one of those ones that definitely grows on you and I think its classic.

    Anyway I'm hoping I hate the shiny brown one so that even £235 is a waste!

    BTW Tag, I know you are on a bag ban and I shouldn't be tempting you but NAP have reduced the elephant coloured elvire to £348 (original price £870) and best of all, at least you can get a full refund with NAP. :tup:
  3. I know what you mean. I shouldn't really have purchased the Elvire that i have. I'm just hoping hubby won't notice and make me send it back. But it was too good a bargain for me to pass up. So i will be on another bag ban as of now :ban: I can feel pretty positive about it knowing i have a shiny new bag on its way to me right now. I'm usually pretty good for about 8 months or so and then i start craving again. And i definately find it difficult at nap sale time :sos: Stay strong and when the time is right to buy again you'll feel so much better ;)
  4. Oh Taggy what can I say. I purchased my Red Edith bag last October (let's see that's Jan, Dec, Nov??? 3.5 months?) oddly enough I'm doing pretty good. Perhaps it's because I have that Epice from Sacoche hanging in the wings?? (at least I think I do). God only knows if I'll even stick with that purchase? If there's a custom's fee I may pass? Anyway here's what I suggest for you, round out your collection.

    You clearly have the Chloe bug, future infections are starting to entrench themselves into your being. Your immune system has built up a wall only towards the Bay Bug. You are suseptible to other infections, so future purchases in the Bay arena offers no protection.

    So you need to vaccinate yourself by buying a super buy in differenct Chloe subcatagories; save your credit from Sacoche for future 'deals and steals'. Full retail does not exist anymore!! Once you have a balanced homeostasis your yearnings will subside considerably.:yes:

    IOW go to NAP and check out their spoils:yahoo:!!!!!!
  5. Well I dunno what to say becuase I can't seem to stick to ban either....everytime I selfimpose one some great deals comes along.....But I only go for the ones that are just too good to pass up. as a matter of fact My last cannot passup deal was just yesterday....I'll show pictures as soon as she arrives...
  6. I find it extremely difficult to resist with the NAP sale going on... but I want a Black Quilted Medium Bay, and I cannot afford to spend any money for another bag... but then I never know when the Bay will be available or if at all... I'm getting quite nervous here... but my budget is limited and I have to keep being focused... Honestly I feel miserable![​IMG]

  7. Hey you can't leave us hanging??? What did you get? I have to live vicariously through you guys!!:yes:
  8. Oh no've gone over to the dark side:devil: and become an enabler !!!
    Have you already bought the patent brown Elvire on NAP or are you just mulling it over ? Do you think that one can be worn on the shoulder or is it strictly a hand held number ( same question re: your elephant Elvire) ? Hopefully they are both hand held bags which will stop me :drool: over them, as I'm strictly a shoulder bag girl ( girl :confused1: ? Get me.. Who am I kidding :s? Shoulder bag WOMAN, I should say:sad: !)
  9. Yes, what?? I think we all feel the bag high.
  10. Thanks for that LBB. Eight months between bags is positively heroic's not even a month since my last purchase :s.
  11. Brigitte, stay focussed on that Black Quilted Bay...I'm channelling positive vibes for a 50% markdown on LVR for you :yes:. Sorry you feel miserable but at least you're not alone...:sad::sad: ( that's you & I)...perhaps our twin miseries will cancel each other out and in no time at all we'll both be :yahoo::woohoo:!!!
  12. :confused1:Say that again Ilson ...I don't quite get your drift.:confused1:
  13. Come on MD...give us a clue...what did you score in your last 'can't pass up deal ' ? When was your last purchase ? I bet it wasn't under a month ago ( when I had my last splurge). I'm trying to be strong....but being strong is no fun at all :nogood::sad::nogood:.
  14. Oh I think I get it...were you referring to MD's cryptic post about her latest splurge ?
  15. I feel like I'm going thru some type of withdrawal from the sales. I've bought just about everything on my "wishlist", but yet I'm still looking for a "deal"....