bag and they have to match???

  1. hi!! just want to you match your wallet with your if you have a it ok to use a damier wallet?? or vice versa??

    i currently have a poppincourt haut and a damier papillon...originally i wanted to get a bag...but i don't have an lv wallet yet....

    what style should i get?? hope you can help me decide...i dont want a big wallet...thanks in advance :smile:
  2. I never matched mine. I find that I would have to pay so much for wallets that I can get a bag isntead so I have a cheapie wallet and nice bags. It would be nice if they'd match but mine doesn't and it doesn't look weird if it doesn't match.
  3. i never match mine. i use a Prada wallet and it goes into every bag i use :P

    you can try something from the Epi line, in black. that way it'll go with your bags :yes:
  4. i try my best NOT everything to be matchy - matchy..... most of small things are monogram and i hate taking mono wallet, key, camera case (cig case) etc out of my Mono bag..... TOO MUCH, i think. and sometimes i feel....snooty biaaaaatch, even though i try not act that way! :shame:

    so i mix cerises, MC, mono, damier,,,,,,,, then again, sometimes i ended up doing cherry bag and MC wallet, that too, TOO MUCH!:yucky:
  5. I don't match my wallet to my bag but I like all my accessories inside my bag to match. Mine are all orange...Hermes Ulysee notebook, Goyard card case and LV orange Perfo cles. Now all I need is the Groom coin purse. :graucho:

    Have you thought about going with a card case and a cles? I didn't need a big wallet either and didn't want to spend that much. I keep my DL, ATM and gym card in my cles and the rest of my cash, credit cards in my card case. :flowers:
  6. originally i tried not to match as i started off with a papillon 19 and popincourt with my damier bifold wallet...over time i just started getting all damier i love it!
  7. that's what i thought so too...if i'll just add a bit i can get a new bag instead of a wallet :yes: just thought it would be nice if i get a matching wallet since i dont have one yet....*sigh* this is sooooo confusing ;) :smile:

    thanks girls! :smile:
  8. I like to mix things up and not be too matchy, but you do whatever you like, def. don't feel like you have to match though...
  9. If I were you I may go for an epi or vernis wallet in, do epi in either red, mandarin (if you could find one), or black, or vernis in framboise. It's nice to have a wallet with some color, makes it easier to find in you bag too...

  10. If you have mono and damier, consider a vernis - maybe in red. The solid color can coordinate nicely.

    I use a Mat Mono PTI in Amber and that seems to go with everything. You can still find mat mono's around in the store or on ebay.

    - Oops, Lola and I were posting the same comment at the same time!
  11. I love your Goyard card case!! :nuts:

    I've been debating between that or an LV Epi Porte Cartes Simple. I'm going to the States again in two days and I don't know which to get.. How has yours held up? Would you reccomend it? :flowers:
  12. Thanks Farmer! Mine's only a little over a month old and it looks great. I really love how the bright orange is easy to find inside my bag too! :flowers:
  13. I only have one dinky little mono wallet. I use it for all my Chanel and LV's. Geez, with the price of the wallets I'd rather get a handbag:graucho: So no, I don't match my wallet and bags:sad:
  14. i use my furla wallet for all my bags, so i don't match...
  15. I use matching wallet and accessories no matter what bag I carry. For example, right now I'm using a Mono wallet and access and in the fall/winter, I'll be switching to Damier and then Mono Mini.