Bag and Shoes

  1. Hey everyone!

    Okay, was having this discussion with my Mom and wanted to see what everyone here thinks since I know you are all extremely fashionable women!

    If a person carries a black bag, can they wear brown boots? Like tall, leather brown boots? Does it depend on the color brown? What if ithey are dark brown? Light brown?

    Thank you!! :smile:
  2. Brahmin does it in their handbags, two-tone black and brown. I prefer shades of brown together or black with more of a contrasting color, like red. Its all in ones taste and preference, I think.:shrugs:
  3. Personally, I wouldn't. But, I saw people doing this all the time in Paris, like it was REQUIRED, so to each his own.
  4. I wouldn't either but PRADA makes brown and black shoes I just don't like those two colors together
  5. I try not to.
  6. I often match my shoes to the color of my pants and then just carry a black bag. Seems to work out well.
  7. Hmmm... I don't mind black with camel, but not chocolate, or any shade of brown... I'm pretty anal about that, because it's just not my taste to mix the two haha. :smile: I've seen people do it, and it works for them, so if it works for you, go for it! :tup: If it were me, I'd go with camel/tan knee high boots with a black bag, if you want to do something in the "brown" family. :heart:
  8. LOL, OMG it's like you're in my head! I totally agree with all of this!
  9. LOL! That's exactly what my Mom said! The boots I want don't come in camel though. So it looks like I'll be getting them in black! :tup:
  10. You can match brown boots and black purse together. But if you are going to wear high boots, the purse should be small. Otherwise these shoes and purse would be screaming and fighting to get attention from other people like bad children embarassing their mother in public.