bag and shoes match??

  1. Hey ladies!

    i have the wallet on chain in lambskin (silver hw)
    and i have these dolce vita shoes that i got from a friend. they're gray flats and they have this little gold chain type of thing near the toe part of the shoes. the chain sort of resembles the chain of the wallet on chain or other classic flaps
    but since my chain on my wallet is silver, i was wondering if the wallet would match the shoes..
    would it be weird to have a silver chain on my wallet on chain and a gold chain on my shoes??
    should i keep these two accessories away from each other??
    thanks for the help!
  2. I think you can wear the shoes and bag together. The bag/shoes matching rule supposedly doesn't matter anymore. I think the shoes are adorable and you can wear anything you want with them!
    If it worries you that the hardware on the shoes and bag is different metal, mix up your jewelry a bit.
  3. I think it would look a bit wierd together. I am in the same dilemma with a pair of black with gold HW Tory Burch flats and my black modern chain with silver hardware bag. I haven't worn them together for fear that they wouldn't look right together.