Bag and Scarf combo

  1. trying out various scarfs and birkin combo... what do you think of this combo... my tricolor HAC and Prada cashmere scarf...does it work?

  2. The colours are nice together but it might look too unstructured because the scarf is a chunky knit.
  3. Uhm, I have to agree with Perja. I would stick to charms with your bag. Matching the different colors may end up making the bag look...............well, busy.
  4. You are right... it does look too busy... back to the drawing board...thanks for your feedback
  5. ^^^That is one BEAUTIFUL HAC!! Don't cover looks good as is! one charm would be GREAT!:yahoo:
  6. Absolutely gorgeous bag!!! A charm would be cute, but don't cover up this beauty with a scarf!
  7. The bag is definitely gorgeous on its own.
  8. Yep, the color combo should stand for itself, no further embellishment necessary.
  9. Amazing bag. The scarf as beautiful as it is takes away from the bag. That color combination is beautiful.
  10. ^^I concur. The scarf competes with the colors on the HAC. Maybe a one colored scarf and a charm? or just a charm?
  11. Charm only, Archangel. That bag just stands beautifully all on its own!
  12. hi all,

    thanks for your advice... saw a cute hippo charm at hermes... so that might just do the trick..thanks again
  13. i love ur HAC combo, but i think a unicolor scarf or a cadena might look better.
  14. I agree with all the others.... beautiful bag
  15. That is a gorgeous bag that does not need a scarf IMO. A hippo lock would be cute though and not too busy.