1. hi girls,
    i have been today at hermes again and discovered some new styles so i confused myself even more regarding my new bad purchase.
    i saw today the white-bus(open tote)in rouge h epson
    web II in black(leather seems like a matte box??)
    trim 35 black togo
    i know they are all very different but i would need your advice on a bag to use as a working bag with A4files or just do some shopping in the city...
    (i have 35 birkin,31 bolide,massaigm,herbag and picotin mm)
    or should i wait for birkin30/hac 32 until xmas?????

    please advice me!!!!!

  2. If what you are needing is a work tote which can hold legal size files etc, then of the three choices - Web II, 35cm Trim and White-Bus - I'd select the White-Bus. It's the right size for your files and has a sophisticated/chic look!
  3. The Whitebus is the only one that will accommodate files.
  4. Thanks!i actually like the white-bus very much!but do you think it is also OK for city-shopping,lunch etc...?
    now i only wonder about white-bus in rouge h or hac black box..
    shopmom,i am in love with HAC since i saw yours...
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