Bag advice — small cracks on sangle

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  1. Hi,

    I just purchase this new b25 from the store and I noticed small hairline cracks on the sangle on one of the sides.. Some might say it’s the nature of the leather but I was wondering is this common.. would it get worst after use? I love the bag but also don’t want to have problems in the future.. heres a comparison of the good side and the bad side (bad side was lightened a little to show the cracks better). It’s not that apparent but it’s there. Thanks in advance.

  2. 612A401C-6CE5-4828-B7DF-524FCFFB68A0-COLLAGE.jpg
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    I just looked at my sangles, gosh one practically needs a microscope to see it, but they are not cracks, just the natural pores/creases in the skin.
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  4. These are the wrinkles of the grain of the leather. Totally normal, mine has this too. Enjoy your new bag!
  5. echoing the above posts. Its normal, its on my regular leather ones too
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  6. I wouldn't expect natural "wrinkles" to be in perfectly straight lines. If you look closely at the "good picture side" on the left you an also see the same markings but they're less noticable because the "crack or wrinkle" hasn"t cracked or wrinkeled through to the dark material underneath. On the right hand side photo the "wrinkles" seem to be deeper and the darker background seems to be showing through.
  7. I understand as I thought the same with my novillo birkin. But if you bend the sangle (don't worry nothing will happen) but if you bend the sangle leather back and let the leather stretch, the wrinkles disappear, proving that these arent cracks but just natural wrinkles of the grained leather.
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    Thanks for your input
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  9. Adjustments.JPG

    Here’s a close up of the “crack” or “nick”.. you can feel the snag in the leather if you touch it :: is that still normal ?
  10. I still think it is normal. It just looks like a deeper wrinkle than the others.
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  11. If it bothers you this much, you should exchange it for another bag, possibly in a different leather.