Bag Abuse *PICS*

  1. After a night of partying I was horrified to learn my Miroir Pochette had been abused-by ME! It may not seem too bad but I am such a stickler about the condition of my stuff that I don't even want to use this bag anymore. :crybaby:


    Anyone else want to come clean about their bag abuse? Please share and post pics, if possible! :smile:
  2. ooh wow! sorry to hear that... it still looks good though:smile:
  3. oh dear, don't get me started on my Miroirs, lol, will post pic after i am done at work.....probably mid night CNT:crybaby:
  4. how did that happen? doesn't look too bad though...
  5. soo sorry to hear this michelle I sorta abuse the s-lock on my epi dragonne but it sill looks great just scratches.
  6. :sad: Oh no, sorry Michelle......
  7. Okay Michelle- were just going to have to take that bag from you and place it in protective custody... LOL.. !!!
  8. Is that wrinkles in the bag? Or scuff marks? Because wrinkles happen to alot of vernis/patent leather bags.
  9. OH my, what happened ?
  10. Oh I'm so sorry, but I still think it looks useable. And if you carry it on your shoulder anyways, the "scratches" won't be that visible anyways.. Think of them as memories of the time you wore it, not something that ruins the bag :flowers:

  11. Please do! :yes:
  12. Ouch...sorry about that! I have a couple...

    My bucket pouch's ring has a few dings/scratches because I took the chain out from the actual bucket. Also, its vachetta leaflet has some spots from I don't know where! I tried to put Apple conditioner on it, and I just made it worse :cursing:

    I put pizza sauce on my white drawstring for my petit noe. At the time I just bought it a few days it'll have that spot there, forever. :sad:

    When I cleaned out the "blue" fleurs of my pap, I noticed that there was cracking on the piping a few weeks later. I didn't express that I found it to the board...but now I confess. I feel like a moron when it comes to these things :shame:

    I'm sorry about your scratches! But I have an earful of abuse, esp. from new things.

    Edit: I'm at work.
  13. Sorry Mich... I'm gonna have to confiscate this bag and take it under my wing... :p

    Awwww... sooo sorry this happened to ya... :sad:

  14. I don't know. I don't even remember how I got home that night. :shrugs:

  15. I didn't mean to, I had been drinking and one thing led to another. Please, ask all my other bags, they'll vouch for me! LOL!!