Badminton anyone?

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  1. $2,350.00 ish!

  2. That's cool & pretty :biggrin:
  3. I saw it in lookbook. I like it! But I have never played badminton and it's ouuuut of my price range!!!!
  4. Pretty!
  5. makes me want to pick up a racquet! :nuts:
  6. Oh I like it!
  7. I love playing badminton but wouldn't want to carry this for practicality reason :shrugs:
  8. I never thought of the Azur line for sports, but it looks fun!
  9. I really want to join a team now lol. Sadly when the Monogram Sac Tennis bag came out in 2004 I joined tennis at school in hopes of getting it lol. After it hit the $3k price tag I was like ehhhhh i'll keep playing but I will just use my keepall 50 lol
  10. I saw it in the book isn't it stunning but I suck at badminton :sad:
  11. Ooooh.. *starting to love badminton*
  12. me too! :love:
  13. That's cute! Thanks for sharing.
  14. OMG ! How cute is that birdy holder, I just want that ! :graucho:
  15. Holy Molly. My racket's price is 1% of the bag's price