Badly burned on e-bay

  1. Bought a Birkin bag on e-bay which was listed as authentic by seller. When I received it I was not really happy with quality but stupidly sent a positive feedback as i thought you had to acknowledge goods right away.On examining bag and comparing with genuine pictures on e-bay and other sites I can see it is a fake. E-mailed seller to say it was not as advertised but she did not reply. have gone into dispute with pay pal but seller is not responding to their e-mail. What do I do next? any suggestions would be most helpful. It's the first thing I have bought on e-bay and feel really ripped off.
  2. The seller has to respond within a certain amount of time so I would just wait to see what their response would be and if Paypal needs any additional information, they will contact you via e-mail. Just make sure you keep everything and if you can have the Birkin authenticated, that would be in your benefit (if it comes down to that). I'm sorry this has happened to you and on your first time too:tdown:.....good luck and I hope everything works in your favor.
  3. You'd better get it authenticated ASAP. Once PP sends you the e-mail saying to get it authenticated, they give you 10 days.

    I would spell out everything that makes the bag a fake and put that in your dispute. Once the dispute is escalated to a claim (the seller or the buyer can do that), PP will send out the authentication e-mail.
  4. And once it is elevated to a dispute, you can't add any more "stuff" to the statements.
  5. I hope you paid by credit card. If Paypal doesn't find in your favor, do a chargeback!
  6. Better Business Bureau and keep bugging paypal. Also email the seller and tell them you have contacted paypal as well as the BBB.
  7. Keep us informed as to what happens.
  8. I am so sorry! OMG..I can't even imagine how much money this was...Follow everyone's advice and I would immediately file a chargeback w/ my CC for THAT kind of money!
  9. Oh no, I am sure that this cost you quite a bit. I am sorry that you got scammed, and your first eBay purchase no less! I would definitely file with eBay, get it authenticated and, if you paid with your credit card, get in contact with them to get some information on what you should need to do a chargeback. Good luck, I hope that this works out and that this crook gets busted :rant:
  10. Thanks for the information. where can I get it authenticated. I am in the UK Thanks.
  11. sorry for such a terrible experience. This too happened to me when i bought a white chanel j12 and ended up losing my money until i basically went kinda psycho stalked the seller and demanded and threatened for my money back. At the time paypal said i did not provide enough verification that the watch was fake. But unfortunately VERY LITTLE PEOPLE would even touch the watch once i told them what was going on. i guess it was fear of getting involved... I also was ignorant to the chargeback policy because i had called my credit card company and they said to do it all through paypal. PAYPAL then told me to send in the watch, and she recieved it. THEN SHE HAD THE NERVE OF SAYING THAT SHE was missing the authenticity cards!!!!!!! OF A FAKE WATCH!!!!! Paypal denied me my money and i stayed with no watch nor money! After 6 months i got 85% of my money back. The crook and fraudulent seller told me about money she had to pay her supplier for the transaction. I actually took the hit. it was about 350. BETTER THAN NOTHING RIGHT!???!

    BUT IT WAS A HORRID EXPERIENCE!! HORRIBLE!!! imagine having 2-3grand floating in the air with nothing... not even the overpaid fake watch!!!!

    i know how you feel best of luck!!! i have heard nowadays though paypal is much more buyer biased accepting any complaint as valid from the buyer and not the seller.
  12. I'm thinking of taking a break from eBay, all these stories are awful!
    Hope you can get this resolved.
  13. just to let you know i was actually able to add extra info to my case after it was escalated to claim, i emailed it to Resolution Services Department ( ) and they attached it to my case. :yes:
  14. I would be happy to help you with this. Please email me through my eBay ID (PM me for the name). I'll be happy to work with you on an authentication letter to send to PayPal and your credit card company and of course there's no charge--just remind me of your tPF user name in the email you send. I have done this for literally hundreds of people over the past 8 years, most of whom were successful in ultimately getting their money back--usually from the credit card company, though, and not PayPal. While PayPal does acknowledge the letter and the claim, very often the seller has removed the funds from their own PP account and if that is the case then PP can't give back the money even after they rule in your favor.
  15. Thank=you all for your help especially Cynthia NYC . Have heard from seller today she will refund money . I sent an e-mail to say I would get iy authenticated so perhaps that did the trick Will now send it back and wait for refund. Have decided not to get a birkin unless i win the lottery and can get a new one. Will try for a Mulberry bayswater. Thanks again and hope you all get the bags you want.