Badgley Mishka Platinum handbags via Lunaboston

  1. me likey.. i like the white and mustard scarlet tote.. not so much for the patent..
    the price is pretty reasonable i think.. what kind of leather is it?
  2. I'm guessing just regular calf... those ostrich-y ones aren't reflecting that they're real ostrich according to price.. soo ya

    I dunno.. thought i'd share with you all :smile:
  3. I like the purple one but the hardware looks a little uneven (probably just the picture though)...
  4. The colors are nice.
  5. I really love this one:


  6. I like the first one, from the splash page!
  7. what is the "platinum" line? is it like Michael by Michael Kors and MBMJ?
  8. some of those are cute!
  9. ^^^^My favorite too.

    Is this line of bags brand new?
    Wish they were not mostly patent!
  10. It's a new line as far as I know...
  11. I don't know what their platinum line is like but I have one of their evening bags and it is really nice. My mom bought one for me for Christmas from here and the details are amazing. I never could figure out why someone would pay soo much for an evening bag that could only be used on special occasions as opposed to a regular clutch you can take out all the time (mine is beaded all over so Id feel a bit silly taking a beaded clutch out) but I find the quality exceptional. Im not sure I wouldve purchased one for myself though since i don't get dressed up that much but it is really nice.
  12. I love the smaller bags! I'd like to see them IRL. Are any stores carrying them?