Badgley Mischka bags

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  1. A couple of years ago I bought a Badgley Mischka bag at Winners . It was on deep discount ( like $69) as it was end of season . At that time I was not into bags and had no clue about designer brands. All I knew was that it was a beautiful bag!

    Can you guys tell me a little more about this brand?

  2. I guess no one has any bags from this designer?
  3. Bagley M seem to just come out with Bags in the last few years. I think?? I've seen their bags at Nordstroms and HSN. I think you got a fabulous bag for a good price. I like your bag...
  4. Thank you fir your reply and your lovely comment!!

    I'll have to do some research on this designer!
  5. BM, IMO, comes out with some pretty cute stuff. i like their bags
  6. I love the one I have!!
  7. There's a BM hobo at an area Marshalls right now and my daughter loves it!
  8. FMD has an interesting little section on the brand. Love the white one you have!
  9. ^faith, i clicked on it and saw tiny print and a huge paragraph.... can you sum it up for me? :P
  10. I have the same bag in black patent! I bought it at Dillards on line approx. 18 months ago.
    It's the Carole envelope. You got a MUCH better deal than I did!
    I paid $139. with the MSRP at $435.
    It looks great in white too!
  11. ^i really like it! i'm a sucker for anything w/ a chain if it's cute, and the tote design is nice also
  12. I kind of love it b/c of the chain :smile:
  13. if you get it, please post pictures!
  14. I want to but am debating if it's going to go on sale ...