Badbananagirl's collection Pics inside

  1. This is my collection of Christian louboutin's shoes

    I hope you like it
  2. [​IMG]
  3. You have a wonderful collection, how long have you been collecting?
  4. lovely, badbananagirl
  5. Thank you I used to have a lot more but when I had my baby I sold all the high heels shoes, I am collecting since 2004
  6. Beautiful collection! :amuse:

    My favorites :love::
    Red boots, bottom right.
    Black boots, bottom second from left.
    Black pumps, 4th from right, second row bottom.

    Thanks for sharing Badbananagirl!
  7. Amazing collection! I love some of the earlier styles.
  8. I love the EB simples!! Great collection!
  9. Great collection! Are those blue simples I spy?
  10. Lovely collection. Great variety too! Thanks for sharing. :smile:
  11. Darn you have a lot! Thanks for sharing!
  12. oh.. my.. God.. wow!
  13. I :heart: your collection!!
  14. WOW can I come raid your closet??? he he Great collection!!
  15. Fantastic collection! You pics are great. Thanks for sharing. I want your blue patent Simples.