Badaboooooom shoes with real large feet?

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  1. Hi,

    I am wearing an European 41 / 42, that is an US size 10, 10.5., 11.

    I won't find any shoes that say carrrramaba... so, has anyone a hint for me?


    ayyyy carramba
    comfortable (having a real broad forefoot)

    and... carramba!

    Thank you so much, I am so fed off wearing shoes even my grannie wouldn't wear (but she had size 7 so....)

  2. What about Tieks, French Sole, Josefinas Portugal. Those brands goes way beyond W11. If you like flats/loafers/sneakers that is. And then there's also Toms with different styles for sizes like W10/W11/W12.
  3. I wear a sz 41 in most designer shoes, a 10 in US shoes and I find lots-although they sell out quickly as most stores only get one pair in that size. Where do you live-and how high of a heel do you want?

    I just bought a pair of new style Valentino Rockstuds with the cabochons and they are beautiful and on a 2 1/2" block heel. I also found a pair of Chanel wedges that are available up to a size 42-they are a high wedge and very comfortable too.