Bada bing coming to A&E

  1. In case you haven't heard...SOPRANOS is coming to A&E this fall! I am a huge fan of the Sopranos! Can't wait to start watching it again (even if it is edited) - yippee!!!! I loved it on HBO, but I wonder if A&E can make it work? I am sure they can....yippeee!!!!!:wlae: :yahoo: :yes: :rolleyes: :jammin: :yahoo:
  2. Ah!! fahgetabout it!!..

    Love em- and will miss it when its over...
  3. LOVE the Sopranos! I've watched it from show ONE!
    Hmmmmmmm A & E and the Edit???
  4. The final season is coming out on 07, isn't it?

    I only started watching it last year, lol! I downloaded all the episodes and watched them. when SEason 6 came out in US, I dowloaded them as soon as they were online because I couldn;t wait for them to be aired in UK. Just as well: they are in the middle of the series on channel 4 now, lol!
  5. what's everyone's favourite episode?
  6. Love that show, can't wait for the last season. I am curious to see how A&E will do the editing without ruining the show too much.
  7. When Carm had the attraction towards the Italian guy that Tony brought back from Italy. I think he was driving Tony around to. It was about time Carm had some fun!! although she never did but I was rooting for her...
  8. OMG I can't believe I forgot about CArmela and Furio. I hated him when he first came on the scene but in series four they showed a different side to hom. I was tooting for them too - give Tony a taste of his own medicine!
  9. My least favorite episode is when they killed off
    Adrian.. I liked her character..
  10. Yay!!! I don't have have HBO and always caught it at a friend's house

  11. Me TOO, I watch the reruns in the morning and they're just getting to the part where the feds get to her...:sad:
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