Bad week=Trip to the outlets :)

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  1. It was a bad week, so I made the choice to end it in a nice way :smile:

    After dropping DS off at practice I made a quick run to my outlet.

    Anyone around for a reveal?
  2. I am here!
  3. Yes!!!!! :smile:
  4. No one around? Just a start, resizing pics.

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  5. teasing threads not permitted
  6. I'm watching as well!
  7. Does anyone have a guess? dustbag.jpg

  8. Purple Patent Hobo????
  9. Hamptons hobo?
  10. Take it off! :popcorn:
  11. Patent ergo?
  12. Here she is :smile:

    Ergo Framed Satchel, Plum colored (?) I think :smile:

    Plus the cute made for outlet scarf to dress her up a bit :smile:

    DH is taking it all in stride, I just got my first Coach this past summer and now I am hooked :smile:


  13. :thinking:
  14. It is gorgeous!
    When I have a bad week I too sometimes head to the outlet!

    Have a great weekend!
  15. And it only takes 1 bag to get hooked on Coach, it's like lays potato chips, you just cant have 1!

    Welcome to the club!