bad weather- my SO is stranded!!!!!!

  1. we are having freak westher conditions in england and most of the country is flooded. my SO went to see aerosmith in london with some friends yesterday and now hes stranded in york! he just foned and sounded so sad and desperate to get home. there is no way he can get across the country today and it might be difficult tomorrow. its only about an hours drive but roads are being closed. i feel so sorry for him.
  2. Awww Cherry - sorry to hear that hun, hope he gets home safe
  3. ahhh he is doing totally the right thing by not even attempting to travel at the moment tho. For the sake of one night, it is much better for him to be safe, and you can give him an extra cuddle tomorrow ;)
  4. aw he sounded so fed up. he didnt even enjoy aerosmith because it was in hyde park and he got soaked by the rain.
  5. ahhh see, you can tell anybody who asks next time, that the weather in sunderland is not as bad as down south ;)

    hope he gets back to you really soon
  6. Looks like you have another night on your own - crack open the wine, grab the choccies and curl up with tPF :yahoo:
  7. is it wrong to be pleased that im curled up on the sofa and some how he is on his way to huddersfield?
  8. no way is it wrong, am sure he will find somewhere to have a pint or two to get away from the weather too ;)