Bad weather makes for good reveals...

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  1. Popped into town on Saturday to pick up a few craft bits and pieces for a project I was working on, and decided I would walk part of the way home afterwards because I'd gone a bit overboard with the Creme Eggs the day before.

    I'd had a phonecall that morning to tell me that a scarf I had ordered had arrived, but I hadn't intended to go to pick it up until this week. I also thought I would be in and out of town before the promised rain caught me. Of course, as I was approaching the street where Hermes is in my city, the skies opened-- at 2pm, not 4pm, as promised!

    Well, what's a girl to do when she wants to walk home and it's too wet to be outside?

    I decided to pop into H to pick up my scarf and wait out the rain. I really had the best of intentions, and didn't mean to buy anything else, but you know what they say about the road to hell...

  2. What cha got??
  3. Only little somethings this time as I await my bags! Though I have told the SAs that they will not see me again until my bags come, and they have promised to shoo me out if they catch me browsing before then, ha ha.


    I had meant to get just the scarf that I'd ordered, then I spotted a design I couldn't live without. As the store was shockingly quiet (most people had better sense than to venture out on a day as miserable as that!), I spent the better part of an hour chatting with a lovely SA and a delightful lady customer about the season's scarves and what we thought of them.

    I happened to mention something about colours and asked to see a third scarf to demonstrate, and as soon as I put it on... :shame:
  4. ooohh a live one! :snack:
  5. Ohhhhhhh 3!!!!!

    Bring it! I'm ready!
  6. Hope it doesn't disappoint!

    This is the one I'd ordered and popped in to collect:


    Chasse En Inde

    I don't know how I missed that this had been re-released, because this is one of my favourite ever designs, and I have two of the older ones. It was actually one of my very first H scarves (though Au Gallop was my true first), and I have a soft spot for it because of that and because it's just so beautiful:


    I spotted it in a different CW a few visits ago, but unfortunately they had none left in this CW at my store, and very kindly ordered it in for me. It took a couple of weeks to come in, but it was so worth waiting for! I just love this scarf. The colours are really neutral and soft and pretty, and you could wear this with just about anything, especially if you're pale like me.
  7. Nice! Love chasse en inde! Didn't see this color way :thinking: beautiful!
  8. Funny you should use that image-- I had a close encounter with a car on my way home, and all I could think about was the scene where Emily gets hit by a car and all the scarves go flying! :lol:

    I had seen this CW on the website, but I prefer to buy direct from the store so that my SAs can get their commission and I can get my loyalty points!

    I'm always a little apprehensive of ordering things, because sometimes items don't look the way you imagined, especially when you try them on. Fortunately, this one was exactly what I was expecting!


  9. YAY, Inez!!! I love your stories and reveals! I feel as if I am sitting in your lovely home sipping tea as you do your "show" and "telling." I love your Chasse en Inde!!! I tried on this very colorway but it didn't love me back. (My skin tone is too yellowish for it.) Of all of the pink/black/white/ gray scarves this season, the one you chose is my favorite!
  10. YOU are a classic beauty! This is stunning on you, dear!
  11. That is a gorgeous colorway and perfect on you Anez. I love that design too and have a couple of the older releases and the pink one from this season.
  12. Thank you so much; your comments are always so sweet and thoughtful! :heart: I'm sorry this one didn't work out for you-- did you end up getting an alternative? I can never work out whether my skin is pink-toned or yellow-toned. I think I'm probably neutral since I meet half the markers for pink and half the markers for yelllow...

    I was so excited about being able to share this reveal because I finally have a mirror by a light source, and I thought that I would be able to take half-decent photos today, but it would seem the universe is against me in the matter of reveal photos: it was so overcast today there was hardly any light coming in at all!

    Thank you! :heart: It's definitely one of the most versatile designs they've ever put out. I hope you're enjoying your new addition!
  13. :lol: I hear ya!

    Looks great!!
  14. Lovely, anez! I really like that colorway! Thanks for sharing. :loveeyes:
  15. Thank you! I'm not much of a gambler, so I'm always relieved when they pay off...

    And of course, that was all I was supposed to buy. But when I was in, a little bird told me there was another scarf that needed to be in my collection.

    Well. Not that little a bird, really...


    Mythiques Phoenix

    I'd missed this completely the first time around, and I was quite torn between this scarf and the other CW released this season.

    I had a little dilemma, actually, because I'm at the point in my collection where I have quite a few, so I don't want to buy scarves in CWs that are too close to ones I already have. That way, each scarf would only be worn half as much as if I bought the new scarf in an entirely different CW. Then again, the colours I am most drawn to are the ones I use most frequently, so I had a bit of a time trying to decide which one was the more logical purchase... In the end, though, my "blue-ban" won out, and I chose this one. (I've banned myself from buying any more blue scarves. They just call to me as soon as I hit the display; it's a terrible, terrible affliction, and I have twice as many blues as any other colour.)

    Fortunately, as with the previous scarf, it's a pretty great neutral, and while it doesn't have the tropical summeryness of the brighter scarf, I'll be able to wear it with blacks, whites, taupes, and greys-- of which I have plenty!