bad weather bags

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  1. Hi there -

    I have a quick question that I thought I would combine with a thread...please excuse me if this has already been done.

    Can amazonia be used in snow? Will the cold weather crack the amazonia?

    Which bag do you use on rainy/snowy days? Does anyone ever use the rain protectors on their birkins?
  2. I don't know about Amazonia.. but my bad weather bags are either togo or clemence..
  3. Epsom is said to be a good all weather leather
  4. For me it is Buffalo and Ardennes.
  5. Buffalo and Togo for me. I have been known to break out a rainkit for the bag during an unexpected downpour.
  6. Not an H bag...but Goyard is great for bad weather as it is water resistant.
  7. Question: Do those supplied rainkits really work? Or do you ladies just throw them in a drawer and not use them?
  8. I use my Herbag in bad weather.... The leather's Vache Naturelle (sp) I think, and with the black canvas bottom, when I get inside I just wipe it off with a paper towel and I'm good to go. :tup: Also my damier speedy is a great bad weather bag.
  9. For me it's my Clemence Birkin or Kelly. And I tuck a pretty Hermes hankie in each bag for those occasional rain-kit for me. In a heavy storm I'll tuck the bag under my raincoat and umbrella and make a mad dash for indoors!
  10. I have the rain coat but have not needed to use it thus far. I hear Togo can withstand many weather conditions, but I rather test that out when I have two togo bags, not just one. :amuse:
  11. That's what I heard as well.:yes:
  12. I use them every once in a while. I put it in the bag when I know that there is a chance of rain. I wish they covered the handles tho
  13. So far, swift and epsom are also quite good for bad weather! Okay, mine haven't been soaked in rain but if it's drizzling, it's ok!
  14. If it's bad weather out (and I mean BAD, not just a drizzle) then I only carry my Clemence Evelyne.
    I would like to have a Clemence Birkin one of these days but no such luck yet.
  15. I'm glad this topic came up....

    I'm going on a trip in a few weeks. I have a Clemence Birkin but it's white. I'm thinking of taking it - do you guys think the white would be too risky and can I wipe off immediately if it gets dirty?