Bad tip?

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  1. We took my great aunt out to eat. She's about 80 now and a sweet old lady is very religious. As tip she give the waiter a religious card. I've seen them. They're cute. Basically saying God will bless you. He looked like "What the hell?!" :nuts: Do you really think this is a bad tip?

    I wanted to say my mom paid for the food and I left a good tip. So, that wasn't his "real" or "only" tip, but I'm assuming this is what she gives the few times she goes by herself. I just think he was acting a little greedy. Clearly, she's an elderly person and he already got a money tip. :sad:
  2. i don't think it's a bad tip, but since the waiters i know make 2.15 an hour and have to earn the rest from tips (minus tip-outs) i can see why he may have been upset. that said, i highly doubt when she dines out alone that she's her waiter's only means of getting a tip. even if she only leaves the card i'm sure it would average out between the waiter's other tables.
  3. A religious card is probably not the *best* thing to leave someone who is busting their a$$. JMHO. :smile:
  4. To be honest, if my wage was based on how much tip I got, I think I'd be sort of bummed if somebody gave me a religion card since I'm not religious and have no plans of becoming it either, but I would of course smile and say thanks.
    She probably meant it nicely, but at the end of the day, you can't buy food with religious cards :hrmm:
  5. I see your points, but feel bad for them because a lot of elderly live on very fixed incomes. I also don't understand why he got like so bummed this time. Did he really think he was getting like 2 tips? :confused1: I did leave a good one.
  6. I don't think he should've felt bummed in this case in particular since you left tip, but maybe he was just offended by the religion thing? Many people are very serious about religion and doesn't like other "pushing" it onto them even though it was just a sweet old lady with a "god bless you" card.
  7. Depends whether he saw your tip or not. If he just saw the religious card then this may have sparked the reaction.
  8. I am sorry but I hate it when people bringing up regilious stuff like that. I'd feel like I am being preached. Not that I have anything against religion. There is a time and place for it.
  9. If tips were split up between everyone I wouldn't have cared myself. But as a delivery driver I get to keep my tips that I make, and if someone doesn't tip me I get annoyed. I only get payed minimum wage. I had a delivery once that was 4 pizzas and some drinks and a pasta. came to about 80 dollars... no tip! I live in a neighbourhood where people aren't exactly low on money too. Even a dollar or 2 would have been nice. On the other hand there are few people who will tip me $10 on bills that are only 30 dollars.
  10. I agree. I don't necessarily think that his look was because he wanted money. He was probably just taken aback; you don't see that too often. However, if it was obvious that he was only upset because he wanted money, then I agree with you that he was being very greedy.
  11. Like the others said, I just think he was surprised at the religious card. I'm sure your grandmother only means well by passing them out, but many people find religion a really private and personal thing, and aren't comfortable with strangers broaching that topic. I'm one of those people. :lol:

    I wouldn't worry about it too much. Most likely he was just reacting to the religious card. Waitstaff work their ASSES off for very little money and rely on tips for their income; if he just saw the religious card, I can see why he'd be alarmed.
  12. i've been a waitress and, trust me, i've gotten my share of religious cards from sweet old couples (and some a-holes, too...but that's another rant).

    i made a whopping $2.13/hour and tracts about religion were NOT going to pay the rent. but, at the same time, tipping isn't mandatory. you suck it up and try better next time. and there have been MORE than a few times where i've clearly busted my butt for a customer and never got so much as a dime.

    ...but if the person is nice enough (not high maintenance, doesn't treat me like crap), i don't mind a small tip/no tip at all. i had an old lady who came in ALL the time and always got me as her waitress. and every time, i got a QUARTER. for over a year, i got a quarter once a week, every week.

    everything works out. some guy later that night could have thrown down $20 on a cheap meal...things even out, so don't worry.
  13. To be honest, yes it's a bad tip. What if someone handed you a pro-Satan card? How thrilled would you be? Your waiter could be Jewish, Buddhist, Hindu, Wiccan, atheist or whatever. I personally really hate it, and I was raised Catholic.

    Not everyone believes in God, and to give someone something religious in nature is very presumptious and inappropriate. He probably wasn't being greedy, but was surprised that someone would do that.
  14. I'm a waitress...i've gotten a few of those cards before...but they also leave me a tip...i usually just toss them out..don't think anythng of if they didn't leave me a tip at all i wouldbe mad!:cursing:

    Today i had the rudest people that I have ever waited on! There was 8 people, didn't look at the prices, complained about everything, had me running back and forth...back and forth...when i went to give them their bill it was $$96 something....they got all pissed and demanded that a re-add it. So i did and the ticket was right...they got so pissed and said " Well we have to pay half cash half credit card then!!!" ...they didn't even leave me a tip!!!!!:sad:
  15. I think if she wants to leave a religious card, she should. If he is not religious or if he is 'offended' throw it away! You left a tip, so for him to expect another one, he is being very greedy! Older people are usually on fixed incomes, and if thats all she can leave, than more power to her. If it were me that had recv'd it, I wouldn't be offended, I would probably give her a hug and say Thank you, God Bless!!!.