Bad things happen in 3's

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  1. #1 Apr 7, 2014
    Last edited: Apr 7, 2014
    My family and I took a day trip last Friday. We were gone from 9AM until
    About 7PM. When we arrived home our neighbour came to our front door with one of our window screens. We figured the wind might have blown it off so didn't really think much of it.

    About 30 mins later I noticed the gate in our backyard was wide open and I mentioned it to DH. He said he would just go out and check on the yard while taking the garbage out. While he was doing that I was putting some clothes away in the closet and something wasn't right. I looked up and noticed a giant blank space at the top of my closet! My heart sunk and I called for my husband and when he came in I counted 3 of my LV's were gone!!!

    DH immediately called the police. I called LV to let the manager know incase someone comes in wanting to authenticate or return. The constable showed up with a forensics guy and went through our bedroom but there were no signs of an actual break in. He said someone must have had a key or access to our home.

    The backyard is super muddy and our bedroom (where the screen was missing from) is high off the ground. So if someone came in through the window there would be prints on my bed and around the window itself but there weren't.

    I kept my receipts for my bags in the closet and they were all ripped apart and gone through. They even took the receipts for the bags they took. :sad:

    My iPad was still on my night table along with my LV sunnies and a few LV bracelets on my dresser. My jewelry was all there, passports, money. But all they took were my bags. And not even the most expensive ones! Since they went through the receipts they would have known that.

    I'm devastated to know that someone went into my home through my closet and decided what they wanted then when we were gone from the house came back and took them!

    We have cleaners that come in every two weeks and I usually just leave the side door open for them since I'm not home when they come. DH thinks that maybe one figured they would grab a set of keys hanging by the side door and make a copy of it and return it knowing we weren't home. We have since changed all the locks, added sticks into the windows, cancelled the cleaners, and moved my bags!

    Missing from my closet:
    Purchased in 2009 MIF

    Purchased in 2013

    Purchased in 2013

    DH had been working so hard and finally took me to LV and bought me my NF. It was my first designer bag and it has such sentimental value to it!

    Hopefully something good comes out of all this! Thanks off letting me vent!
  2. I'm so sorry for your loss! It's a terrible feeling (like being violated). I hope they find out who is responsible and give them the punishment they deserve.
  3. That is really scary! I'm so sorry it happened!
  4. I'm sorry OP.

    Burglaries are so much more than loss and theft, they instill a sense of insecurity, which I find to be more damaging mentally than the things that were loss. My parents went through something similar about 3 years ago. The house is not the same. I always feel like it might happen again whenever I am home alone at their place.

    This might seem like a needle in a haystack, but perhaps you can describe your items and maybe someone on the forum might see them (or one) while browsing on the preloved market?

    Feel better, I believe in karma. What goes around usually comes back around.
  5. So sorry to hear about your loss. I would be devastated. Hope they find the crook!!
  6. So sorry to hear :sad:
  7. Oh my gosh this is horrible! I just can't believe someone came in and picked out your handbags and then went through your receipts! This is unbelievable! I am so very very sorry. What kind of a scum bag would do this?

    Well, I'm a firm believer in "what goes around comes around". That person better get ready...:noggin::storm:

    Just know that your TPF friends are all here for you. We definitely feel your pain and hope you gather your family around you for support. :hugs:
  8. I am so sorry. I'm sure they can be replaced but like you said, it doesn't give you back the sentimental value each one had. I hope you are able to find out more information.
  9. oh no! I am sooooo sorry for you!! there are so mean people out there! I really hope you feel better soon!! how aweful.... thankfully your family is fine and nobody got hurt. wish you all the best and hope your insurance company will replace your bags! *hugs*
  10. I'm sorry this happened to you. I would hate to feel unsafe in my own home. I would recommend installing some cameras. I saw on the news a couple of weeks ago a story about a break in. The guy had cameras installed which showed the perpetrator clearly. He shared his story on various media outlets and a tip came in from Oregon on who the perp was and this all happened in Hawaii.

  11. Thanks. My DH isn't usually home so I'm luck he was. The scary thing is is that whoever it was tried to come in through my 4yr old sons window (or made it look like it).

    I know my bags can be replaced but the sense of security and knowing I can be safe in my own home with my kids has been lost.
  12. So sorry this happened. Hopefully you can find out who did this and it will lead to the return of your bags.
  13. I am so sorry! That is horrible! Glad you changed the locks. It's hard to trust people in your home. It amazes me how calculating people can be.... if they would only use it for good!

  14. DH is looking into them.
  15. So sorry!! One to take your bags, but to also know where your receipts are and take them also? Someone has had time to rummage through your stuff and thought it out before they committed the crime. Very scary. So strange they didn't take anything else though. Very sorry for this happening to you.