BAD stones in my cat

  1. I thought my cat was not acting right, so I took her to the vet today. Her kidneys have gotten really bad. The stones in them have grown, and have built up deposits in the ureters. Also, she has a sizeable kidney stone. I thought she had an x-ray more recently than a couple of years ago, but I guess not. Anyway, her urinalysis will determine if she needs an antibiotic, and her bloodwork will tell how much kidney function she has left, and then we'll be able to tell if she is a candidate for surgery. If not... :cry:
    Right now, I'm concerned because she acts like she wants to eat, but doesn't want her food. She'll eat a little if I smear it with a tiny bit of baby food. I know they had to anesthetize her for the x-rays this afternoon, but I thought it would have worn off by now.

    Anyway, please say a little prayer for my baby girl, Gabby. Thanks.
  2. Sometimes it can take a day for the anesthesia to wear off. Also it can depend on what cocktail they used. Also if her kidney function is imparied and she is azoetmic, nausea is one of a common side effects. I would definitely be concerned if her appetite does not improve within 48 hrs. But you should hear from the vet by then.
    Blood work can tell a lot, but she might want to get a renal scintigraphy done (example, That is more accurate diagnosis to determine kidney function before doing surgery to take any kidney out. And the procedure does not require anesthesia, at least at the hospital listed on the link.
    In anycase, I hope Gabby feels bit better. What you are doing right now is what I would be doing. Babyfood (The meat kinds, i.e. Beef, Lamb, Chicken) is good. But if she gets worse, take her to your vet or emergency care because she may need fluid therapy.
  3. HUGS to you and Gabby. I will pray for her that it all turns out well!
  4. I had a cat who had kidney failure. Unfortunately she showed signs too late and we lost her. I hope Gabby makes a full recovery! It´s still early days, the anesthetic wears of in a day or two so try not to worry about it too much.
  5. I am so sorry. I don't have any experience with this situation, but I am hoping for the best for your kitty.
  6. Thank you so much, all of you. The veterinarian's office called to let me know the lab still hasn't given them the results of the test yet. They said they had called the lab twice to check on it. I hope they aren't messing up the tests - they are expensive!

    tiramisu said
    Thanks for this link, tiramisu, I was wondering how you could tell the function of one specific kidney. I know one of hers is in worse shape than the other. The important thing will be to remove the stones that are building up in her ureters before they get blocked, and to remove that awful bladder stone that has probably been hurting her for some time. I'm so upset I didn't make sure her vet took an x-ray every year or so to monitor her bladder and kidneys. That bladder stone (and the ureter ones) have been growing for some time.

    Anyway, she ate her food really well last night after I stirred some Turkey baby food into it. Then, she ate her food twice today without any baby food on it, so that was a relief.

    I sure hope 1) she can have the surgery, 2) I can find a way to afford the surgery, and 3) that the surgery will be a success. It will only buy her some more time, since there is no way to remove the stones that are actually in her kidneys, but at least she will have a chance at living in some more comfort than she must have now (those stones have got to hurt; I knew she wasn't feeling well, but I didn't know what else to do except continue with her meds).

    Thanks so much for reading this, and for your prayers and good thoughts. We need them! It helps so much just having an outlet, especially since I can write about this much more easily than I can talk about it. God bless you all.
  7. I'm sorry for the double-post; it is too late to edit the previous one. I just wanted to update anyone who might be interested.

    Dr. Kat (short for Katherine) called today, and Gabby's bloodwork looks good. All her levels are exactly where they were 3 months ago--a little bit high for a healthy cat, but not bad at all for a cat who has had kidney disease for 5+ years. Her urine culture will take a few days, but so far there is not sign of bacterial growth, meaning no infection! Dr. Kat thinks that means Gabby would be a good candidate for a surgical consult. I hope it means she's a good candidate for surgery! She said she would get all Gabby's records together, including the final report on the urine culture, and see about getting us set up with the Veterinary Hospital. She said they have a Board-certified surgeon there, and he is the only one in the state she would trust to cut on Gabby's kidneys.

    So, keep the prayers coming, please! They are working, but we're not done yet!

    Thanks, again.
  8. That's good, invisicat! I know it is hard for you and Gabby to go through, but hang in there~~~!!! Keep us updated!
  9. Hey, Gabby is scheduled for a surgical consultation on the 16th. If the surgeon agrees to do the surgery, I will have to leave her, and he will do the surgery either that afternoon or the next day. I hate the idea of leaving her in a strange place in a strange city for so long. Maybe they will let me hang around. I'm so worried about things like how she will get her regular medication, but I'm trying not to worry. I am remaining very prayerful and hopeful that the surgery will go well, and she will heal well, and then she won't be in pain anymore. I know those stones are hurting her, probably especially the big bladder stone bouncing around in there. :sad: *prayers* She is my precious baby.

  10. It might be a very long wait if you decide to hang around while they operate, and even then I don't know if they'd let you see her right after.

    As far as her regular medications, take her prescriptions with you as well as her sceduale for taking them. Vets are very good with keeping up on current meds. So you won't get charged for the meds, make sure you bring enough with you to give to her. Their price for a medication you get somewhere else could be higher.

    I'm keeping Gabby in my prayers, but I think I'll keep you in them too. You sound like me, a worried Momma. ;)
  11. Thanks. :smile: My dilemma on the meds is she does not cooperate with taking pills, so I crush them and put them in either tuna or baby food. Of course, she can't eat before surgery. Dr. Kat mentioned she could see about getting her prescriptions in some kind of topical form that you just smear on the inside of the cat's ear, and then it is absorbed through the skin. I could see about that, but she also won't eat if she doesn't get her Pepcid AC, because the prednisone she is on upsets her stomach. I guess I just need to call the vets and get it all worked out. They might let me fix up a baby food and Pepcid treat for her to get after she comes out of the surgery.

    I don't know if I would hang around through the surgery or not; it depends on when they do it. I have to go to work on the 17th -- I'm teaching 2 classes, and it's the second day of class. But I would like to hang around if it will be awhile, so I can at least keep her company. She will still have to stay the night, I'm sure, for observation. I know I worry, but she's my baby. She saw me through a bad marriage, a divorce, everything. Thanks so much for your kind words of support, and for everyone's prayers and positive thoughts.
  12. I'm going through some stuff with one of my cats now, too. I know you're worried about your baby and I pray everything turns out just fine.

    The pill-giving will get easier especially if you "condition" her to accept them more readily by rewarding her with a treat afterwards.
  13. Hugs to Gabby!

    My Gabby is actually going through serious bladder stones. She's having surgery for it, she's still at the Vet's. I'm worried for her too, so you're in my thoughts and prayers :heart:
  14. I am so stressed out about her surgery. I've been trying to get her regular medication in a topical cream form, because I think it will be easier for the surgeon's staff to administer than pills. But it's complicated by the fact that I have alternated Gabby's regular care between 2 offices (1 does homeopathic medicine in addition to traditional; the other, at least at the time, didn't do any of that). Long story short, they are each now claiming the other one is the primary doctor, and neither one wants to accept responsibility for prescribing her heart & kidney medication.

    So, I have a call in to the surgeon to see if pills mixed in baby food will be an acceptable way for him and his staff to administer her regular meds. Then, afterwards, I am just going to have to tell the doctor who referred her for surgery that she is now the primary physician, and ask her to please prescribe these meds that Gabby has been depending on for the last few years.

    Geez, I am stressed out! I just want my cat to be okay!!!
  15. Sorry, again, for the double post, but I want to update everyone, and didn't want to start another thread.

    My cat is at the Mayo Clinic of veterinary hospitals, so to speak. So far, there are four doctors and one fourth-year veterinary student working on her case, and that doesn't include all the lab techs and other assistants. They aren't sure doing surgery right now is the best thing, so they are doing all kinds of diagnostic tests to pinpoint exactly what is going one in her sweet little kitty body.

    If they weren't a hospital (and about an-hour-and-a-half away), I would make them my regular vets. I really feel like they are interested in her and care about what they are doing. They studied her records and x-rays for an hour and consulted with each other on them, they listened to everything I had to say; they answered all of my questions, and they asked me for detailed information on her medication and how I administer it to her. Since she is very strong-willed, I crush up her meds (according to her schedule) and give it to her in baby food (the pure meat kind). I didn't think they would want to mess with that, figuring they would just hold her down (i.e. wrestle) and give her the pills. Instead, they said, "Oh, we have a lot of Gerber baby food back there. What kind does she like?"

    I'm really relieved! Even though she has some serious problems, I know she's in good hands. They really seem not only like they are interested in her, and in doing whatever they can to best help her. And they were going to sedate her, so that should help her relax and not be so stressed at being away from home. It makes me more relaxed, in any case. :smile: