bad skin - will it get better with age?


Jul 15, 2007
OK. I am 34 years old and I don't have a great skin. I didn't have spots as a teenager but plenty of acne. In my mid twenties my skin got a bit worse, red spots on my chin. Even though it's cleared up, I still have a fair amount of acne. It is not obvious, I don't look bad without make up, but close inspection would reveal scores of black and whiteheads on my chin, forehead, nose and cheekbones.
I thought that skin gets drier and clearer with age. What is your experience? Is there going to be a time that I will be acne free? Or am I going to have this condition into old age? :shrugs:


Feb 13, 2006
This is probably a thread better off in The Beauty Bar....lots of great tips and advice there. But I am in the same boat as you. Struggling with my skin at an age where this should be a thing of the past. It's like I went through puberty again. I would see a derm.

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Mar 28, 2006
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Is it something you're eating that is causing this .... you'd be amazed at how much diet could be a part of you're issue, Have you gone to a dermatologist?


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Apr 25, 2008
I have no idea, but how's your family? My mother had bad skin until menopause (42), her sister still has bad skin at 43 (has not hit menopause yet), and I just stopped BC and mine's getting worse by the day (I'm 22). But ITA with the others about seeing a dermatologist!


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Nov 24, 2007
I'd highly recommend going to see a dermotogist, then chances are they will go away. I used to have bad skin, but I was on a treatment for 6months & now I have clear skin - but I don't take it for granted.

Make sure you're taking your makeup off properly at night. I wipe my makeup off with makeup remover & I use Rinse-off Foaming cleanser by Clinique (works really well). I also made a thread recently on how lemon is good for the skin. Perhaps try freshly squeezed lemon on a cotton pad before you go to bed. The lemon will kill any build up of bacteria.

But I still recommend seeing a dermo.:tup:


Nov 24, 2008
Most of the women in my family suffer from adult acne until menopause.. I did some research and through trial and error found a least for myself.. but maybe something to think about..

In my opinion there are 2 kinds of acne.. hormonally caused which produces deep cyst acne that takes forever to go away and "regular" surface acne (whiteheads etc) that is caused by your skins inability to slough off dead skin quickly enough. I spent YEARS trying everything from natural creams to every dermatologically prescribed nightmare. I finally started to research this idea on my own and came up with a theory that my acne was in fact caused by a higher level of progesterone This hormone is what rushes in a puberty and normally subsides as you get older. If you are an adult female and have a high level of progesterone it can cause varying degrees of hirsutism (excess facial/body hair) acne, and sometimes make the hair on your head thin.

My solution was to take this birth control pill from Europe called Diane 35. I ordered it online as it is not available in the US. It is designed specifically to balance the production of progesterone. I swear to god, it totally revolutionized my skin! I took it for about a year and now, five years later I get a little zit every once in a while but NOTHING like the horrible painful acne I had before. It also made my body hair finer..(im not really hairy to begin with but I did notice a difference)

Obviously everyone is different but adult acne, I believe, is generally hormonally based so this could be something to check into. Some people have success with estrogen based birth control pills.. but in my experience it was the progesterone that was the problem.
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Jul 15, 2007
Thanks for all answers.
I did go to the dermatologist a few years ago, when I had angry red spots on my chin. I tried different treatments (including Diane pill) and my spots have cleared up fine.
The acne I have now is nothing very gross. It is not even noticeable unless one takes a close look. But it's there, I can see it. I was just wondering if it will clear up naturally with age. Does our skin get drier and clearer in our 40's?


May 18, 2007
There really is no clear answer to your question. My husband has had clear skin all his life and now at age 42, he's dealing with blemishes. In his case, skin does not get drier/clearer with age.


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Aug 6, 2008
Is it something you're eating that is causing this .... you'd be amazed at how much diet could be a part of you're issue, Have you gone to a dermatologist?
Amen to that! I knew a girl who stopped eating things with sugar (which included bread, rice... anything that turned to sugar in your digestive tract) and her acne is gone. Her skin is beautiful!

Get a dermatologist and discuss what kind of things you can do to help improve your skin. It's not always products that do the trick unfortunately.:tdown: